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Pupa Milano Squirrel Collection | Now Available at SASA Malaysia

Alright you guys, we have a brand new collection from Pupa Milano! Now this one is called the Squirrel Collection and the design for this is minimal and simple, characterised by soft line. Now the collection in itself has quite a variety but the color palette for each of these are refined and on trend, and the shades are delicate yet bold in its own way.

Squirrel 2

Now as mentioned above, the range in this collection is quite vast, but we are going to break it down to 3 categories; which is the first called Squirrel 1 which contains lip makeup (there are 3 different shade ranges available here), then Squirrel 2 which contains a makeup palette and lip makeup (it is available in 3 different colors too) and finally Squirrel 3 that contains makeup products for the face eye and lips. (This one is available in 2 different color options)

So now that we got that down, we have in hand the range in Squirrel 2 and Squirrel 3, and for the above, this one is the one in Squirrel 2. Now the layout of this is pretty smart; in a way that it was kept compact with a variety of color matches within. This one has more of a brown/bronze tone and consists of 1 cream highlighter, 4 compact shadows, 1 cream eyeshadow with an applicator, together with 2 shiny lip creams, a matte lip cream, a classic lip cream, 1 nude lip cream and finally one gloss.

Squirrel 3 

As for Squirrel 3, the design on this one is a little bigger than the previous as it contains products that can be used on the face, eyes and lips. The one that we have here is in more pinky tones and inside we have for the face a concealer, a cream blush, a cream highlighter, a compact blush and a compact highlighter. For the eyes, we have here a primer, 5 compact eyeshadows, a cream eyeshadow and one applicator. As for the lips, there are 3 shiny lip creams, 1 matte lip cream, 1 classic lip cream, 1 nude lip cream and a gloss.

Having tried them out, the colors on both palettes carry high pigmentation and with that they were effortless to use; especially on a daily basis due to the fact that they are more neutral tones. The shimmer eyeshadow shades were definitely the highlight of the palettes because they went on seamlessly on the lids and as for the lip shades, it was great fun to mix and match to get great colors too. 

Now the Squirrel range by Pupa Milano is currently available at SASA Malaysia, so you can definitely check them out there. In the meantime, for more details on these, you can also follow Pupa Milano and SASA Malaysia on Instagram as well.

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