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Plant Origins Christmas Aromatherapy Gift Set

The holiday season is fast approaching and with that, the gifting inquiries are starting to build. Now considering the pandemic, the intake of gift sets this year is pleasantly lovely, and one of them that we would like to highlight for 2021 would be the Plant Origins extensive range of Christmas bundles for their Holiday Campaign called With 'Love, Hope & Gratitude' that start from only RM90.

Now the value for these sets are really great, and considering the fact if you were to purchase them individually, the products would cost a lot more. So with Plant Origins celebrating this upcoming festive season with a bang, let's talk about its Limited Christmas Edition Aromatherapy Set that you see here.

So on our end, we are pretty big fans of aromatherapy diffusers ourselves, so this Christmas gifting bundle is right up our alley. This set features 5 key items from the Plant Origins line which will be listed below and it is the perfect gift to lift spirits and relax ourselves during the holiday season.

Items Featured: 

  • Plant Origins Aromatherapy Mountain Diffuser (600ml) 
  • Plant Origins Sweet Orange Essential Oil (10ml) 
  • Plant Origins Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil (10ml) 
  • Plant Origins Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Pillow 
  • Christmas Card

As can be seen above, the packaging for the Mountain Diffuser is extremely sleek and minimalistic which in itself is extremely classy. It also features multiple colour displays upon turning it on, along with adjustable timing features to sequence the diffuser as and when you would like to have it on. 

In terms of how to use it, the features are quite direct and simple, where all you would need to do is to fill the water to correct amount in the tank, and add in 3-4 drops of your essential oil of choice to it. We should also mention that the scents of these two essential oils in particular are exceptionally relaxing and refined, which is great to elevate any mood set for the room. 

Next, you would need to close the cap and switch on the diffuser with the remote, and finally select the timing duration that you would want, and you would be done. Additionally, keep in mind that this diffuser can also hold up its water capacity to up to 600ml, so with this you can keep your space hydrated for more than a full day's worth too. 

Plus with the amazing essential oil scents of Bulgarian Lavender & Sweet Orange paired together with the Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Pillow to relax you into a deep slumber, you would be able to have a restful night's sleep with it as well. Plus, to round up the Christmas gifting, a beautiful card would also be presented with the gift, which is lovely too.

So spread the joy and festive vibes with your loved ones and celebrate the holiday season with the Plant Origins Christmas bundles. Starting at only RM90, you can find them here for reference and you can also follow them on their Official Website, Facebook and Instagram Page for more updates.

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