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First Impressions review of the Samsung Z Flip4

Now as most of you know, Samsung has recently released their brand new Z Flip 4, and coming in at 4 shades, the one we have here is their signature in Bora Purple. 

So let's start off with the outer packaging of the Z Flip 4. With this latest lineup, Samsung has adhered to their sustainable manufacturing and delivery practices, and thus the collection has been designed with recycled ocean bound plastics from discarded fishing nets, recycled post-consumer materials and bio paint coating. We should also mention that this outer packaging is packaged with 100% recycled paper too.

Additionally, did you know that 90% of the Galaxy devices in 2022 include at least one component made of recycled materials as well? Got to admit, that's pretty cool.

Hence, getting down to the phone itself. The Z Flip 4 is the 3rd addition to the Flip series; with the Z Flip 3 being their predecessor. Considered to be one of the top enjoyable user friendly experiences, the Galaxy Z Flip4 is the ultimate self-expression tool that not only has powerful camera experiences but also has intuitive control and usability along with stylish and customisable design options. Also when you hold it in hand in full frame, the Z Flip4 feels light and compact, and not bulky at all which is a huge plus point.

Now we got to say that after using the Z Flip4 for more than a week, the metal frame and hinge improvement along with the battery life from the Z Flip3 was a huge improvement. It definitely has a much more reliable interior, and thus can be comfortably enjoyed due to its durable exterior as well which is their Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus® + on both the Cover screen and the devices’ rear glass.

Plus, we also really liked the fact that users can enjoy the unique aspect of Quick Shot on its Cover screen too whether it is to snap a selfie, customise a background, video or even capture a special moment with loved ones. Plus this time, you can also select its photo ratio; whether it is to Fit to Screen, Wide or Ultra Wide as well! This is an extremely enjoyable feature because not only does the camera offer bright and clear visuals at 12MP for its rear camera, but you also have a 65% brighter pixel sensor for its front camera too for better photos.

Samsung Z Flip4 Front Camera: Full Frame under Low Light

Samsung Z Flip4 Back Camera: Full Frame under Low Light 

Samsung Z Flip4 Back Camera: Taken on cover, Full Frame under Natural Light

With this, we got to say that the feature that we probably most enjoyed for the phone was its FlexCam; and if you are using this phone for its video compatibility, work or even socials, this is the part where a lot of people will be really taken with it, because not only does the phone offer Multi-angle shots, but you can also have it at diverse angles by freely adjusting the devices form factor as you shoot.

Additionally with this, users can also do a short form video where you can have hands free recording for when you fold the device into a desired angle, you will thus have a split screen with the preview on the top and controls at the bottom. The same thing applies to the video calling aspect of the phone as well where on video call, you can enjoy the settings in the lower panel whilst taking part of the hands free in the call on the top.

Now seeing as this is a first impressions review, we are not going to go too deep as of yet, so definitely stay tuned for the next one in the days to come; but for now we got to say that the Z Flip4 definitely meets expectation and it is a truly very enjoyable, user friendly phone. 

We should also mention that compared to its predecessor, the Z Flip4's latest AP Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 definitely gives it a more enhance performance and camera experience whilst its 3,700mAh Battery with Super Fast Charging certainly makes the phone going for longer with both wired and wireless options. Certainly a huge plus point and even when it comes to customisation, Samsung has also offered the Z Flip4 in its Bespoke Edition, where you can customise the phone with up to 75 unique color combinations that you can truly call your own.

So for more details on the Samsung Z Flip4, be sure to check it out here for further information. 

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