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In Depth Review of the Samsung Z Flip4

It has been almost a full month now of using the Samsung Z Flip4, and thus as promised in our first impressions post, this time around, it is going to be a personal in depth review on the phone itself.

Now as mentioned previously, this phone is light, compact and extremely user friendly. The signature color, Bora Purple (coined by BTS V) is a pastel hue that definitely elevates its form and appeal to a greater height. Not only that, but its matte finishing is quite delightful to not only the users eyes but to the touch as well and the improvement that Samsung has made on the hinge has also made the phone very sturdy in structure too. 

Customisation with its bespoke addition also makes the phone extremely personalised and in terms to its aesthetic, it also allows the user to be more prompt due to having quick access to updates on the cover screen, so it certainly enhances the user's quality of life with minimal hassle.

The unique aspects of the Samsung Z Flip4:

  • Quick Shot : Snap a selfie, video or a moment with just a few simple swipe of the Cover Screen.
  • Flex Cam: The flexibility of the device's form factor and enhanced app compatibility for all kinds of video experiences.
  • Flex Mode: Enjoy hands free content viewing and navigate with ease with the new Flex Mode Touch Pad.
  • Multi Window: The split screen functionality with more intuitive Multi window controls.
  • Enhanced Cover Screen Usability: Four different ways to harness the Cover Screen by swiping and to do more while the phone is folded.
  • Customize your cover screen clock experiences
  • A longer battery life and a more powerful performance
  • Refiner and bolder design with customisable color detail; especially for its bespoke edition

Now moving on to the technicalities of the battery life along with the camera aspects, we have to say that these two definitely were improvement from the Samsung Z Flip3. The battery life which had been bumped up from 3300 mAh to 3700 mAh, definitely makes up for a longer usage from a mere 9 hours full usage capacity to 12 hours which is great on a single charge. It also fast charges to 50% in 30 minutes which is great as well.

As for the camera, not much has changed but the main rear sensor is noted to be 65% brighter and moving from 1.4µm pixels to 1.8µm pixels. Additionally, there is also a super night solution on the phone as well, so in terms of software, it is definitely a level up for this one compared to the Z Flip3.

Plus while it certainly looks great and feels great, we have to say that the improvements offered on the Z Flip4; no matter how subtle - certainly gives the phone a lot of refinement, and even with its aesthetic trimming, the Z Flip4 is more sturdy, especially to those who enjoy utilising it half open. 

On overall, we have thoroughly enjoyed the user experience of the Samsung Z Flip4 and with noticeable updates, we have to say that we are very pleased with what we are seeing so far. Keeping in mind that there are not many foldable phones out there, Samsung is certainly dominating this space and doing it rather well too. We also took into consideration of its crease being slightly visible, but honestly upon usage, we didn't even notice it all that much either. It has a great clap close when its folded and honestly at its price point for its various storage sizes, (128GB | 8GB at RM4,099, 256GB|8GB at 4399, and 512GB | 8 GB at RM4,899) it is a great phone to consider.

So definitely check it out and for more details on the Samsung Z Flip4, be sure to head on over here for further information. 

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