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TikTok Malaysia Sparks Festive Joy By Celebrating the Flavors of Diversity with #TasteOfCNY2024

TikTok, the leading destination for short-form video, recently held a special #TasteOfCNY2024 reunion dinner to ring in the festivities. More than just a celebration, the event was a night full of creativity, diversity, and reconnecting amongst the creator community, fully capturing the essence and importance of the reunion dinner during Chinese New Year. 

In line with TikTok's ability to connect people across various experiences, cultures, and communities through educational and engaging content, TikTok has been igniting the spirit of Chinese New Year through a series of inspiring and easy-to-follow creator chef videos, as well as a fun culinary in-app activation that embodies the way friends and families reconnect during the festive season. Chinese New Year is a celebration that is rich in culture and celebrated worldwide. 

TikTok has introduced the #TasteOfCNY2024 in view of this celebration, which not only aims to unite the community on the platform but also to facilitate meaningful connections with family and friends offline. Our goal is to seamlessly blend tradition with modern connectivity for a more enriching festive experience, bringing together a multicultural culinary celebration of creators who inspire diverse creative expression through their culinary art. 

We are honoured to be able to partner with three amazing culinary chefs, which are Richard, Che Sayang Kitchen, and Mathanedward, all of whom have entertained and educated us through their mouth-watering TikTok content in the past few years.  says Yin Yin Hooi, Head of Marketing and Operations, TikTok Malaysia. The highlight of the night came in the form of three specially curated dishes by culinary creators Richard (@richard_is_cooking), Che Sayang Kitchen and (@chesayang_kitchen), Mathanedward (@mathanedward) in collaboration with Chef Lim Chee Seng, executive chef of The Qings. They each brought their own unique tastes and flavors to the dishes based on their own experiences with food, making for an unforgettable dinner.

In-App Celebrations From now until 15 February 2024, users can join in the festivities in-app by unlocking various ingredients to complete their very own virtual, a well-loved, uniquely Malaysian dish crafted especially for the festive season. Upon completion, users can win special prizes including realme phones, speakers, and exclusive TikTok merchandise. For more information on the #TasteOfCNY2024 campaign, or to build your very own plate of 'yee sang', visit the in-app page today:

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