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Ain Edruce Unveiled as Susenji First-Ever Brand Ambassador

3Q Quinn Sdn Bhd, also known to be operating under the brand name Susenji, a pioneer in beauty, health, and wellness products, proudly announces a significant milestone in its journey. 

The 'Jom! Meriah with Susenji' event marks the celebration of a strategic partnership as Susenji introduces its first-ever brand ambassador, Ain Edruce.  Established eight years ago, Susenji has grown to become a prominent player in the beauty and wellness industry with a strong presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and plans for further global expansion in the coming year. 

The brand's success is rooted in its commitment to providing top-tier products, investing in research and development, and incorporating internationally patented ingredients, fostering continuous innovation. Susenji's growth is further propelled by the trust of repeat users and positive word-of-mouth.

"We are delighted to welcome Ain Edruce to the Susenji family. Her unwavering commitment to health and beauty, while successfully navigating both motherhood and a thriving career, perfectly aligns with our brand's mission. Our goal is to assist individuals in achieving a healthier and more confident lifestyle conveniently. We are confident that Ain will inspire many, as her journey resonates with people in this modern era," said Queenie Kwok, the founder of Susenji.  

Dr Redza Rahman, a former chief scientist and a specialist in nutrigenomics who was also present during the event expressed, “I applaud Susenji for investing its resources into gold-standard ingredients to provide the best to its customers.”  Expressing her excitement about the partnership, Ain Edruce stated, "I am honored and grateful to join forces with Susenji as their first-ever brand ambassador. I firmly believe in sharing safe and beneficial products with others. 

Having started as a consumer, I am thrilled about the opportunities this collaboration presents. I look forward to educating people about the brand and its positive impact."  For more information about Susenji, please visit

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