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Burger King and Women’s Aid Organisation Collaborate for International Women's Day

In line with International Women’s Day, Burger King is partnering with the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) to distribute 200 burger sets to social workers. The Burger Queen campaign aims to celebrate and uplift both women and social workers, as well as their contributions to society. The meal sets to be distributed will consist of the popular Chick’n Crisp™ burger, paired with drinks and french fries.   Looking to spread this joy to all Malaysian women, Burger King is also offering a sweet, one-day-only promotion for 8th March. 

Any set meal purchased by a woman in-store will be accompanied by a complimentary salted caramel or vanilla soft serve with any set meal purchase valued above RM10.00, the perfect accompaniment to round a meal.  As of today, social work is neither regulated nor recognised as a profession by law in Malaysia. 

Although the drafting of the Social Work Profession Bill began in 2010, it is still pending tabling in Parliament. Taking this into account, Burger King is making a cash donation to WAO through their WePledge: Step Up program, further supporting their mission 

to empower and advocate for women's rights in Malaysia. In working together with WAO, Burger King also aims to help them achieve their mission to end violence against women and girls while underscoring the significance of the support social workers provide to women and children survivors of violence in Malaysia.   

“The Burger Queen campaign reflects our belief in the importance of supporting and uplifting the unsung heroes of community support systems. In distributing these meal sets, we’re looking to send a message of solidarity to their recipients, one that says ‘We see you, and we salute your efforts’,” shared Leong Huey Ying, Head of Marketing, Cosmo Restaurants Sdn. Bhd.  

WAO — the largest service provider for domestic violence survivors in Malaysia — has always made it its core mission to reach out to women in adversity. Having established Malaysia’s first domestic violence centre in 1982, the organisation’s main focus is on the elimination of discrimination against women, specifically the elimination of violence against women. WAO works towards creating a society that champions substantive equality, promoting the respect, protection and fulfilment of equal rights for women and advocating to improve laws and policies.    

Huey Ying’s sentiment was echoed by Anis Farid, Research Project Manager of WAO, who added, “We’re immensely grateful for Burger King’s donation and support for the work of our social workers and, by extension, WAO’s mission of a better country for women. WAO social workers are an amazing example of tireless commitment and support for the cause of gender equality and ending violence against women. 

They are at our frontlines, responding to crises and providing comprehensive support to our survivors, from case management to interventions with the ultimate goal of empowering survivors every step of the way. Though an integral part of a survivor’s journey, social workers often remain unsung heroes, as the job itself is not yet a recognised profession in Malaysia. We’re honoured that, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, Burger King has allowed us to shine a spotlight on the heart of WAO services and celebrate the important work they do every day.”

Burger King will also be working closely with WAO to organise a series of internal workshops in a bid to foster a more gender-equitable workspace. Serving as a platform for education and dialogue, these workshops will also raise awareness among Burger King employees about issues that disproportionately affect women while curating a culture of accountability and support.   

Through their collaboration, Burger King and WAO aim to foster a more equitable society where all individuals, regardless of gender, come together and support one another. Together, they aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of women, exemplifying the spirit of compassion and solidarity that defines International Women's Day.  For more information and the latest updates about Burger King visit: 

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