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Spritzer EcoPark Presents Colourful Raya Festivities to Celebrate Hari Raya like never before!

Spritzer kicked off this year’s Hari Raya celebration at Spritzer EcoPark in Taiping with a slew of activities to commemorating the double occasion of Hari Raya and the historical town’s landmark 150th Anniversary. 

The local attraction warmly invites everyone to Spritzer EcoPark to enjoy nature, fresh air, and an array of engaging activities during this festive period, while taking in the breathtaking decorations showcasing a glittering jewel light display that features Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage. Spritzer’s Colourful Raya celebration creatively showcases national symbols of harmony such as the wau bulan and the bunga raya, set amidst vibrant Hari Raya decorations. 

In a celebration like never before, the park’s Colourful Raya themed decoration personifies the festive spirit intertwined with nostalgia associated with Raya and will be on display from now until the 1 st of May 2024. The Spritzer exhibit for Raya 2024 seamlessly blends the perks of a small-town life and the glamour of holiday decorations for the local population and tourists alike, combining the surrounding natural environment with the captivating lights of the decorations.

In conjunction with the Raya celebration the Spritzer EcoPark is offering special promotions at the souvenir shop and water shop. Amidst the natural reserve, visitors can explore leisurely walking trails, marvel at the 214-million-year-old Cactus Rock and enjoy playing 18-hole Mini Golf - a great activity to burn off all the any excess calories or holiday energy! Additionally, visitors can participate in the DIY handcrafting workshops or unwind at the STG café while enjoying the ambience.

The Colourful Raya display is about showcasing Spritzer EcoPark’s values in promoting sustainability and inspiring harmony. Utilising recycled materials and repurposing elements from previous displays, the exhibit embodies Spritzer's dedication to environmental stewardship. 

By beautifying and celebrating the natural resources of Perak, Spritzer aims to inspire the public to explore and appreciate the environment. Through community events and cultural affairs, Spritzer brings people together to appreciate and protect the wonders of nature. Winnie Chin concluded, “We invite everyone to come and capture moments like never before with the Colourful Raya themed display, amidst the animated joy of celebrating Raya with loved ones. Join us at Spritzer EcoPark to share your most lavish #ootdraya #SEPColourfulRaya2024 posts on social media.”

sustainability and inspiring harmony Visit our ‘heart lock’ corner to immortalise your love and treasured moments, by purchasing a pair of love locks from the souvenir counter to pin your love at our designated area. At Spritzer EcoPark, we offer the essence of small-town celebrations while championing sustainability and eco-friendliness. 

Spritzer EcoPark is open daily from 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM. During special occasions, the park extends its operation hours until 10:00 PM. You can find us at Lot 898, Reservoir, Off, Jalan Air Kuning, 34000 Taiping.

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