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FullHouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid

Hi everyone.

So sorry for the long MIA but I am now back in action after a 2 week long break :)

So Dan, my mum and I headed out to Sunway Pyramid on a day that was not too busy and decided to hit up a cafe called FullHouse located at LF 1.96. This Lifestyle Store and Cafe is pretty near the ice skating rink so you can't miss it.

We have visited this place a couple of times due to it's rather quaint decorations and generous portions of food so as you can predict - we enjoyed taking the time to have our lunches there.

The cafe had a very modern and westernized feel and the atmosphere was well matched by it's clean and fresh look.

I tried snapping a couple of pictures when I came in with my iPhone but the pictures turned out to be a bit blurry - so *sorry!* but let's see what else I am able to dish out over here.

The cute picture at where we were seated

The view from where our table was located

So if you are wondering why the place was filled with cherry blossoms, it was due that Chinese New Year had just passed hence the ornate red decorations. 

After taking a look at the extensive and creative menu, we all felt like eating the same thing. Curry Laksa. The portion they had here was amazing so I guess all three of us felt like eating something hot and spicy since it was pouring rain outside.

The Menu
So while waiting for the food, we each took the opportunity to take some pictures with one another. My mum was all smiles that day :)

With my two favorite people
My mum and I

Dan and I

Haha so much of the photo sessions right? But then again Dan only comes down once a month so I thought it best to make full use of that opportunity. :)

Anyway let's take a look at the food and drinks that we ordered.

The first one that came was the Ice Lemon Tea for Daniel.

Ice Lemon Tea (No.305) priced at RM 4.90

For my dear mother, a Longan drink with a funky stirrer. FYI, she loves this sort of thing.

Longan Drink (No.307) priced at RM5.90
The cute drink-like stirrer

For the coffee lover a.k.a myself, a hot cappacino in hand made me very happy.

Hot Cappacino (No.902) for yours truly priced at RM8.90

Now the food. The waiter actually got confused with our order and only ordered one Laksa instead of three.

Luckily we quickly rectified the matter and got it adjusted it to 3 once we spoke to the waiter.

Curry Laksa (No. 171) priced at RM12.90

The lime and belacan that came with the curry laksa

I guess the price was alright - although I was pretty disappointed with the dish because even though it was stated in the menu that it came with prawns - all three dishes did not have them.


However, we were too hungry at the point to argue with the waiter so we ate the Curry Laksa. It was still pretty good despite the non-existence prawns (^.^)

Once we were done with lunch - we decided to once again snap some pictures in the pretty place before heading out.

Happy Vibes!

Cushion sets at the entrance of FullHouse, Sunway Pyramid

Overall experience was pretty good except the food left much to be desired.

However, I should mention that I am more of a Western cuisine type of person so if you should ever visit Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe - do sample their Western Menu. One of my favorites is the Wok - Seared Chicken Chop ( No.141) priced at RM16.90.

I guess the one thing that attracts people to the cafe other than their decoration and food is also due that everything at this place is up for grabs! Overall, it's a fulfilling experience.

So if you are ever in Sunway Pyramid cure your curiosity and try them out :)


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