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Sushi Zanmai @ Gardens, Midvalley

So for lunch today,  my sister and I took a drive to Gardens Midvalley. We felt like eating sushi so we headed to the 3rd floor, restaurant location T-217 to the widely known Sushi Zanmai.

On the way there my sister told me that the line to eat at the restaurant would be pretty crowded during lunchtime but it didn't strike me odd due to all it's other Sushi Zanmai branches were technically about the same when it came to peak periods such as it's lunch and dinners.

Sushi Zanmai @ Gardens Midvalley
Despite the long line, our wait to be seated was over in about 10 minutes. They placed us at the side tables where we could see the handmade sushi being dished out to it's hungry customers.

Seated at the side tables
Over at the table we had the usual plating of sauces, cold tissue hand packets and the menu. Tucked along inside of it was the restaurant's special food promotion for the month of March 2013.

Cold Tissue Packets

The Sweet and Shoyu Sauces
The Menu
Special Food Promotion Menu

There was also a color coded plate price bolted to the side of each seating station stating the price on each different types of sushi.

Color Code Plate Price for the Sushi @ Sushi Zanmai

So basically if you took a beige plate the price would be RM 1.80, a blue plate for RM 2.80, a pink for RM 3.80, a black plate at RM 4.80 and the most expensive was reserved for a red plate at RM 6.80. You get the gist.

So once you get in, it's always best to order your drinks first - my sister and I order Japanese Iced Green Tea ( Ocha ) for the affordable price of RM 1.00 each. 

Japanese Iced Green Tea (Ocha) @ RM1.00
My Happy Sister <3

As for our selection of sushi, we each decided to go ahead and share a Rainbow Roll for RM 12.80, 2 sets of Inari Kanimayo Yaki ( Crab Meat roasted with mayonnaise in sweetened tofu skin ) for RM 4.80 each.

Rainbow Roll @ RM 12.80

Inari Kanimayo Yaki @ RM 4.80

We also picked out something from the sidelines -  I am a little unsure of what it's called but inside  was filled with cucumber and tuna topped off with shrimp and a little scoop of caviar. 

Sushi @ RM 6.80

A closer look

For our main course my sister ordered a small bowl of Spicy Ramen Noodle at RM 10.80.

Spicy Ramen Noodle (S) @ RM 10.80

A closer look

I took a chance to try their Curry Udon ( Small ) at RM 11.80.

Curry Udon (S) @ RM11.80
A closer look

With a thicken consistency and a sweet aroma, this Japanese Curry Udon took my fancy with just one whiff. 

All Smiles!
The bill totalled at RM62.70 with the charge of 10% service charge of RM 5.38 and tax RM 3.28.

The Bill
Overall my sister and I had a great time and left full and contented :)


Sushi Zanmai
T-217, 3rd Floor, 
The Gardens, Mid Valley City, 
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 KL.

Telephone No
03-2282 1160

Daily Business Hours
10.00 am - 10.00 pm

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