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Giveaway Announcement

Giveaway Announcement

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Groupon Deals


First let's welcome the wonderful month of March 2013!

Woot woot!

Okay now since that's done - let's talk about Groupon. 

Groupon Malaysia
Bringing the best deals for everyone, this ideal website is segmented to each geographic area to distributed it's best and lowest deals online. Mine as you can see is called Groupon Malaysia.

I decided to give them a try a couple of months ago and purchased two things. One was for household purposes, another was a little present for myself ;)

The Shake and Take

Unboxed and Assembled
Now the "Shake and Take" was a good purchase for 2 reasons - one is that it is portable , so I can bring it with me wherever I go; and second is that the top part "the bottle" is detachable so it is convenient to just blend in a little drink and take it with you when you are rushing out and haven't had a meal.

Swarovski Elements Pen

A Closer Look

This is my second purchase. The Swarovski Elements Pen. I have always thought it was a pretty little thing - but the price range at the Swarovski store always have turned me off from buying it. So when I saw the deal on Groupon I took the chance to get it and I have to say, when it arrived - I did not regret it one bit.

Beautifully designed , this pen actually makes you feel one of a kind by just holding it. In regards, since I am always writing something down and am always with a piece of paper in my hand, this product would be of use to me in many ways.
In saying so, Groupon has many deals to offer, so please do support your local Groupon website and take a look. Their Getaway deals are not too bad either ;)


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