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O.P.I Step Right Up! Nail Polish Review

So today we are going to review the O.P.I Step Right Up! Nail Lacquer.

This creamy color comes from the Femme De Cirque Soft Shades Spring Collection 2011.

O.P.I Femme De Cirque Soft Shades Spring Collection 2011

I find the names of the colors in this set are quite cute and pairs well with it's following circus like theme "Femme De Cirque".

This collection comes in soft colors- which is great for those who enjoy natural tones on their nails. Depending on the how many bases you can put - the the 'Step Right Up" nail lacquer can range from an opaque hue to a strong pale pink. It gives a rather subtle manicured look and pulls off a very sophisticated work friendly image.

So anyway let's start with it's application. Let's take a look at the first coat that was applied.

The first coat application was super sheer as you can see due to the polish is rather thin and transparent.

I'd have to admit this process was a little bit tricky due to the lacquer's streakiness but if you know how to apply the color evenly over your nails without making it too thick, this should be no problem.

Now moving on the the second coat.

Here you can see the color is turning a little bit more pinkish. Still, even with the 2 coats - this color still seems to give that sheer opaque look.

So I decided to do a third layer - I laid on the color a little bit thick this time and this was the result.

I decided that 3 coats were quite good enough for me - I didn't want to make it too thick or the drying process would take forever - so I quickly applied a fast drying top coat to make the color blend and shine nicely.

Overall this color works well for those who have light-medium tones and I would give it a rating of  4/5. In other words, it would definitely be a color I would repurchase :)

In the meantime, for more info on the other colors in the collection, head on over to this website. One thing to note is that before buying the nail lacquer, do stop by CouponKirin to get the coupons and vouchers!


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