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Labor Day Rainbow Dots Nail Art Tutorial

Labor Day Rainbow Dots Nail Art Tutorial

Hi guys, today we are going to do a Labor Day Rainbow Dots Art Nail Tutorial! Now before we start this tutorial - make sure your nails are clean - if you have nail polish on them, you can take them off with your nail polish remover.

Make sure your nails are clean

Next up is painting a good and solid base coat of your choice. I am using Nail Envy by O.P.I.

Nail Envy by O.P.I

Wait for two minutes for the coat to dry and start off with a thin layer of a black top coat.

This is Black Onyx by O.P.I

Once you have painted the first layer, wait for a good 5 minutes for it to dry. If you have missed out any spots, you may continue painting a thin second layer to go over the spaces that you have missed. Wait another 5 minutes for the lacquer to dry.

Dotting Tool

Take a dotting tool - you may choose your desired size and pick a color you want to put on your nails - bright hues are highly recommended.

Bright Green Nail Lacquer from TopShop

The first color I used was the Bright Green Nail Lacquer from TopShop. 

Now before you begin your dotting - let me give you some helpful tips to make this process neater.

1) First, lay out a tissue and fold it to half. 
2) Take out your nail color and bring out a little bit of the lacquer onto your tissue.
3) Take your dotting tool and dip it into the color, then onto your nail for the desired effect. It's design will take in accordance to the size of your dotting tool.

So once you have done that, move on to your next color and do the same thing.

It is all about repetition.

La Paz-itively Hot by O.P.I

This is next color is a bright pink " La Paz-itively Hot" by O.P.I - dot it close to your previous color to view the contrast.

" Teal the cows come home" by O.P.I

Following on I dotted "Teal the cows come home" by O.P.I.

Again dot it next to the color which you think will be a good contrast. 

So basically you do this form in repetition with different color until you get the design you want. It's as simple as that.

I dotted a few other colors into the design as well so as you can see this is the end result :)

Labor Day Rainbow Dots Nail Art

It is a very eye-catching design and it is extremely simple to do. It doesn't really take much time so try it at home and let me know the outcome of your design :)



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