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The Lilac Box No.3 Review

Hello all!

So I have finally received my Lilac Box No.3. I was extremely excited to get it and let me tell you, the anticipation was crazy!

So okay let's get right into the unboxing.

Receiving the Parcel

The Lilac Box

Priced at RM49.90, this lovely box is packed full of little surprises from major brand labels. There is a limitation getting this particular boxes though so if you are interested in getting one - do sign up at their site The Lilac Box and await their email for their next box unveiling.

The Little Note!

Now when you open up your box - there would be a sweet little note from the creators of the Lilac Box - or in this case the 3 guys who created it. Yes you read right- they are indeed guys :)

Now this is my first subscription to Lilac Box and I was a little nervous about getting my money's worth. But then again who isn't? I guess when you buy a beauty box online there is some form of anxiety mixed with a certain expectation already set- but I was planning to be open minded in terms of this venture so I decided to give this a go and purchase this lovely beauty box.

The Box Note
Once  you open the box, you find that if flip the top of the box the other way around, you would actually see another cute note stuck to the back. Now I am all for going green so this box really appealed to my eco-friendly side.

So now presenting you the products.

Babor HSR Lifting Creams

Babor HSR Lifting Cream
Now Babor is a pretty new brand for me. I have not heard of it before and I guess there was no brand familiarity of it for me. However, the moment I received it - I did my research and logged on to the Lilac Box website to find out more about the brand and the product given.

One thing you need to know about The Lilac Box is that it does not really give you any leaflet descriptions in their beauty boxes. I guess it's all part of their eco-friendly theme :) However, they will ask you to log on to their website to find out more about the products that were given for that particular month.

Now to my understanding - Babor is the number one luxurious skincare brand in Germany. As for the product -  they were two small jars of extra firming creams. One for the eye and another for the skin. However for me, whenever a product states anything to do with firming - I immediately associate it with anti-aging. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe most people connect it the same way as I do as well. Oh well.

As you can see from the picture above as well as to what I have stated before, Babor provided The Lilac Box customers with 2 cute little samples. One extra firming eye cream and another extra firming cream. I haven't really tried them yet but I am going to give it a go soon. Will let you know how it goes.

Yves Rocher Rose Fraiche Shower Gel

Full Size Bottle (200ml) 

Priced at RM 39.90

Studio Shot

Next up - The Yves Rocher Rose Fraiche shower gel. I admit, I  have taken a liking to this shower gel due to it's floral scent and bubbly conditioning. There is nothing like smelling like a rose garden the moment you step out of your bathroom in the morning. A reminder of it's country of origin- France maybe? And for a full sized 200ml bottle priced at RM39.90 - how could you not? 

And to make things even better is that on the plus side - The Lilac Box actually provides a coupon redemption of a small miniature and a free membership that you would need to print out and redeem at their participating Yves Rocher counters. 

Luckily, I actually managed to go and get it during the weekend so let me show you what you will be expecting from this redemption.

The small miniature of Yves Rocher Rose Fraiche Shower Gel

The free privileged card

I managed to receive this at the Sunway Pyramid Yves Rocher counter and the girl was so sweet that she actually gave me more samples to try! Let me show you.

More samples from Yves Rocher

This brand is by far one of the most hospitable ones I have been to. Mind you, this isn't my first time going to their store. I have always noticed that their staff are always demure and polite and they always know what exactly it is they are promoting. 

Don't mind me, but I have to say that I really have a great dislike for going into stores where their employees don't really know what they are selling. I always seem to get an 'Erm' or 'Errr' whenever I begin to ask questions on the products. Yes I am a cautious buyer - and I am pretty sure you see my point - after all it's your money and you do want to make a good investment on the product that you are buying. I mean what is the point of selling a product that you know nothing of?

*Sigh.* The troubles of everyday life.

Anyway moving on.

Payot Pate Grise and Speciale 5


Payot 2 sachets
In reference to the picture above, this is another product from France called Payot. Now as you can see there are two sample packs. Personally I am not a big fan of small sachet packets like these but it seems to fit quite well with the other beauty items so hey I am not one to complain.

a) Payot Pate Grise - Accelerates the maturation of minor spots.
b) Payot Speciale 5 - Dries mature minor spots and has a purifying action.

Chloe See Perfume

Front Sample Display

Perfume Sample

First if you are wondering why my nail color is different - it is because the pictures were taken at different times. I just happened to change my nail color at the time so yeah just want to clarify that before any questions start popping up.

Anyway this Chloe vial perfume sample has a very discreet floral scent with a hint of vanilla  that will awaken your senses the moment you put it on. I reflected on this and tried it on just this morning before I headed out. Yes- it was good. Due to the size being as small as it is, I actually enjoy bringing it out with and using it whenever I see fit.

Max Factor Ageless Elixer

Max Factor Ageless Elixer

As for Max Factor, I have to give them a thumbs up as they did not stinge with their samples.They actually gave 5 sachets each of 2 different shades -  Light Ivory 40 and Natural 50. So if you were to put them  together, that would fit to be 10 samples. Amazing isn't it? Good job Max Factor!

Phyto Phytodefrisant Botanic Hair Balm

Phyto Botanic Hair Balm Sample Size (15ml)
As for this product, I have been a huge fan of its brand for ages. I have actually used this particular product before so I can 100% vouch for it's credibility. That's how confident I am about how good it is. Sadly, I find that this brand is rather difficult to find in Malaysia and as you may have guessed it, yes this product comes from France. 

However, the best part is that this is a non-alcohol product and it's a 99% plant base formula. It works wonders on your hair by letting it shine instead of making it greasy and weighing it down. Once I am finished with mine, I am planning on getting their full bottle.

The Lilac Box

So overall there are 8 items in the box - each focusing on different areas of one's attributes - Hair, Eyes, Makeup, Body, Fragrances.... you name it. Most of the products are from France- kind of a pattern as you can see but all were received well.

So was I happy with the products? Yes.
Was it worth the RM49.90? Yes.
Will I come back as a potential customer? Of course!

I hope The Lilac Box keeps up its good work and stays on course on their variety and quality of the items in their beauty boxes. If they do - they have my support. 

Average rate :  9.2/10


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