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The Bag of Love July - Asia's Beloved Gems Review

So we all know who Mimi Teh is from the Bag of Love. But just in case you don't, let me give you a brief history.

Bag Of Love Symbol : Mimi Teh
Mimi Teh

Now, we all know the basics that the bag of love was a concept designed by it's creative founder Mimi Teh in 2012.

However to press on, this aspiring idea of delivering beauty products in a cute cosmetic bag that everyone can reuse has currently launched it's fifth bag in July and has also just debuted it's first Special Edition Bag. To this date, Bag of Love has currently 2238 followers on Facebook and have a strong following in it's monthly subscribers.

Bag Of Love Logo
Bag Of Love July Edition
One thing I love about the bags besides the items are the illustrations that Mimi takes great care and pride to maintain. Each month showcases a different theme and provides an anticipating platform that her followers can relate and get attracted to before the unveiling of the products.

Mimi's Greeting Card
The Product Descriptions
So I know the anticipation is killing, so let's get down to the unveiling of the July Edition's Bag of Love.

The great part of this month is that besides the usual surprises inside the bag, Mimi had also prepared two extra items for the subscribers outside her July bag as well.

When unpacked, I was pleasantly surprised to find not one but two skincare packs available for my subjectivity. The first one was a 4-pack Aloe Moistfull Range by Etude House combining 3 15ml bottles comprising of : First Essence, Soothing Skin and Lotion along with a 10ml Soothing Cream to moisture the skin.

Aloe Moistfull Skincare Kit by Etude House
From Left: 15ml First Essence, 15ml Soothing Skin, 15ml Soothing Lotion, 10ml Soothing Cream
The second one was a Chia Seed Special Kit by The Face Shop. Contained inside was a 30ml Toner, a 30ml Lotion and a 30ml Moisture Holding Cream. The full size currently retails from an affordable price of RM 79.90 - RM 99.90.

Chia Seed Special Kit by The Face Shop
Close Up
From Left : 30ml Lotion, 30ml Tone and 30ml Moisture Holding Cream
Now surely it does not come any better than this. But just in case it does, let's take a peak inside the July Bag of Love and see.

The unveiling of the July Bag
Inside there were 4 items that were of different variants of their own range.

The 4 Items inside the Bag
Moisture Washing Foam by JuJu Cosmetics
The first one is a Japan product from JuJu Cosmetics called Aquamoist Facial Cleansing. This Moisture Washing Foam comes in a 50 gram tube.

Freshel Mineral BB Cream by Kanebo
The second one is a 5g Mineral BB Cream by Kanebo. Now, I haven't really explored with BB Creams myself but the fact that this is a 'Mineral' BB Cream it seems quite interesting to give it a try.

Red Glitter Polish by Splash
 The third one is a Nail Polish Color by Splash. I received a lovely red glitter polish. Each Splash color retails at RM 7.90 - RM 8.90 per piece.

The last one is a shampoo by Loreal Professional Product called Liss Ultime. It is from the Bliss Collection and comes in a 100ml purple bottle.

Liss Ultime (Bliss Collection) by Loreal Professional
So overall we have 6 products all together and I have to say that the Bag of Love never disappoints in terms of it's packaging nor it's products.

All the Products
I look forward to more subscriptions and I cannot wait to see what Mimi will have in store for us for the next month. If you are interested in getting a little surprise each month, do go to her website at Bag Of Love and like her page on Facebook.

I also hear the August Bags are open for subscriptions at a very affordable price of RM 39.90.

However, if you would prefer to purchase for a longer period of time, you could also try her 3 month subscription at RM 119.70 (a free gift will be included) or her 12 month subscription at RM 478.80 (you will get the 13th month for free)

As for the Special Edition Bag, I will give another review on it very soon so do keep a look out on my blog.


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