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Wonderbox July Edition Review

So take a guess at what arrived at my doorstep when I returned home from work?

The Wonderbox July Edition!

After doing what I had to do around the house, I finally got down to open it. Here is the unboxing :)

Wonderbox July Edition

The 'Wonderbox' branding logo in the middle
The box came in a familiar packaging, a black ribbon tied elegantly around the box with the branding logo in the middle.

After removing the ribbon
The Unboxing
This month's box compromises over 7 items and even though I admit that I have not heard of some of the brands that were in this month's beauty box but am eager to explore the options that were given.

Let's go over the list.

The Wonderbox July Product Description
As you can see, there are 6 items on their beauty list. The first one I received was the Ma Cherie Air Feel Shampoo and Conditioner. The description states that with air feel range, you can turn your flat hair full and voluminous.

Front Packaging
The Air Feel Shampoo and Conditioner from Ma Cherie
The second product received was a b.liv Feel No Sluggish Stem Cell Revival ( Original Japan Silk Mask. This product is infused with antioxidants and cell-revitalizing nutrients which can pave the way for younger and vibrant skin. I am actually quite familiar with this product as I have tried it a couple of times before and it does work wonderfully.

b.liv Feel No Sluggish Stem Cell Revival Mask
The third product was a Brightening Hand and Body Lotion by Le Scenteur. I have yet to try this product but will explore with its capabilities soon.

Le Scenteur Brightening Hand and Body Lotion
The next product was a Lip Liner Pencil by Bloop. I really enjoyed using this one. It provided smooth application, long lasting capabilities and is smudge-proof as well as being waterproof. 
Great job on this one Wonderbox!

Lip Liner Pencil by Bloop
Lip Liner Pencil by Bloop
Now for the unveiling for the 5th product from a brand called Nu Teen. I am not completely familiar with their products as this is the first time I am hearing about their brand but nevertheless let's see what they have to offer.

They were actually quite generous with their samples and gave one tube of Acne & Pimple Away Cleanser along with 3 small sachets of Acne away Gel, One Acne & Pimples Away Sleeping Mask and another Blackheads Away Gel.

And now the final product. This was not stated anywhere in their beauty product listing but this Ginvera Green Tea Jade Dark Circles Eye Roll Away is a perfect solution to decrease puffiness and eyebags if you have them. A lovely surprise to add into Wonderbox!

So there you have it. 7 premium items at your beauty and skincare pleasure. 
If you would like to receive to this lovely beauty box, please zip over to their site at Wonderbox and subscribe. 

I hear the August subscriptions are already in motion so if you would like to receive a beauty box in August, do hit it up as fast as you can.

Till then, ttyl!

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