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BOURJOIS PARIS Silk Edition Compact Powder & Smoky Stories Grey and Night Review

Bourjois Paris Silk Edition Compact Powder and Smoky Stories Grey and Night

Quite recently we have been having a play of lipsticks and liners from Bourjois Paris so it is quite refreshing to see that they have brought down something new for us to discover. From the Silk Edition Compact Powder to the Smoky Stories in Grey and Night; it is exciting to see what we will be able to unveil for 2015 in terms of their new products swatches and application.

Bourjois Paris Silk Edition in  Shade 54 Rose Beige

The Bourjois Silk Edition Compact Powder in Shade 54 Beige Rose

Now before I begin this review, I best be honest and say that I do not use compact powders very often. At most I would use them to set my makeup but other than that, nada. After all, dry skin can tend to look a little cakey if compact powder is used too much.

The swivel mirror

However with regards to the packaging for the Silk Edition Compact Powder, you could say it did not disappoint. And I mean at all. It has a rather glossy finish to it's black elegant fold and has a swivel mirror that you can twist and turn however you fancied when applying on your powder.

Inside, there is a fitted sponge and right beneath it you would unveil the powder foundation which to be honest is a creamy and silky formulation that I simply adore. Bourjois did extremely well in terms of formulating this one and for some reason it does not give any form of patches to my skin when I pack it on.


The color that I have is in shade 54 Beige Rose and is a lovely warm tone that sits in quite well with the primer, concealer and foundation that I wear on often on a daily basis. However, it may look a little pale if it is packed on solo so in terms of this, it's best used when you have a protective layer underneath.

  • Product Description: Bourjois Paris Silk Edition Compact Powder
  • Color Availability: 51 Porcelaine, 52 Vanille, 53 Beige Dore, 54 Beige Rose, 55 Miel Dore and 56 Hale (shades 52-55 is available in Malaysia); shade 52 available in the kiosk only
  • Product Highlight: Creamy formulation, evens out blemishes and dark spots, smooths fine lines and blurs out imperfections and has a great matte finish for six to eight hours.
  • Price: RM49.80 (Introductory Price from 27/1 to 4/3); RM53.90 (Retail) 

Bourjois Paris Smoky Stories Grey and Night

Bourjois Paris Smoky Stories Grey and Night

The Bourjois Paris Smoky Stories in Grey and Night on the other hand is an absolute love on my end due to the pigments. Usually the pick ups for these kind of palettes can be a little tricky as the colors are just so close to each another, but somehow this palette just works.

Available in eight different shades, I am loving the little insert that Bourjois Paris has put for the little applicator. It make the eyeshadow palette extremely travel friendly and gives you a very doe eyed look for a good night out.

The Swatch

As you can already see from the first swatch, the shadows are quite strong on it's own with the exception of the little shimmery one on the left end but if blended out well, the colors will give no form of harsh lines and will extend out a rather even texture that will last about four to five hours without the aid of touch ups.

  • Product Description: Bourjois Paris Smoky Stories Grey and Night
  • Color Availability: 01 Grey and Night, 02 Over Rose, 03 I Love Blue, 04 Rock This Khaki, 05 Good Nude, 06 Upside Brown, 07 In Mauve Again and 08 Ocean Obsession (shades 01 and 03 are exclusive for the kiosk only)
  • Product Highlight: Strong colors, Beautiful Textures and Long Lasting Finish
  • Price: RM42.80 (Introductory Price from 27/1 to 4/3); RM46.90 (Retail) 

The Overall Look

Overall both products were equally quite good although I think I did favor the Smoky Stories in Grey and Night a little bit more. I was really anticipating to give a try for the shades in 02 Over Rose and 08 Ocean Obsession though as I believe both combinations can be quite extraordinary, but maybe I will leave that to another day.

Till then, for more information on these two products you can always head on over to Bourjois Official Facebook Page for more updates.


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