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Air Asia's BIG Prepaid Mastercard | Hội An, Da Nang, Vietnam

Going around Hội An's Night Market

There is nothing like experiencing Da Nang, which is the third largest city in Vietnam first hand, and for that we would like to give a warm thank to the Air Asia team and Da Nang Tourism Group for taking us around and showing us what the beautiful metropolitan had to offer.

As you can imagine, we visited many of the city's beautiful landmarks over the week that we were there, but before we get into that, let's further discuss about the shopping experience within the city of Hội An. A small but lively town known for its graceful and historic nature, its night market held some of the most amazing cultural attractions and shopping familiarity which all of us enjoyed to its fullest.

Hội An, Vietnam

At the entrance of the Japanese Bridge

Located approximately 40 minutes away from the city of Da Nang, we traveled along the coastline to reach our destination. The sights were a delight to see and if you are stationed at Da Nang, the ideal time to leave for this stop would be around 4pm as the night market would start its operations around 5pm and would slowly wind down by 11pm.

Some of the clothing shops around the night market

The town really comes to life at around 7pm and with cultural attractions at every corner (which includes the popular Japanese Bridge, a variety of oriental houses and assembly halls), every photo taken here is absolutely picturesque. If you are lucky, you might also see a few brides with their grooms all dressed up beautifully doing traditional pre-wedding photographs as well.

Experiencing Air Asia's Big Prepaid Mastercard

Making a purchase with Air Asia's BIG Prepaid MasterCard

Now when you pass each street (this place is structured like a grid), you will notice that there are a vast variety of shops that offer different things, whether it be food, lanterns, paintings, toys, pottery, clothes and more. What is lovely about this, is that most of the items found within the night market are either locally or custom made, which a lot of the friendly staff here take utmost pride in.

Spot the MasterCard Plate

So in terms of finding a place where a MasterCard would be accepted to make a purchase, the first thing that you would need to do is to locate this plate in the picture above along the corners of the shops. USD currency is widely accepted here too, so that would be good to take note of as well.

How Does It Work?

Using the card

In terms of the Air Asia Big Card, it basically functions like any usual debit card but without the line of fund exposure as it is not linked to any bank account. This also means that there is a limitation to your credit and once you have made a purchase of a product, the sale would be deducted from the amount that was already in your card only.

When making the purchase - state to charge in what currency

With the card issued by TPaay Asia Sdn Bhd; which is a fully owned subsidiary of AirAsia Berhad, the MasterCard comes in two forms; one a BIG Prepaid MasterCard Virtual and another called the BIG Prepaid MasterCard Plastic.

BIG Prepaid MasterCard Virtual VS BIG Prepaid MasterCard Plastic

Big Prepaid MasterCard Virtual: (Used for online shopping)

  • Card limit is at RM1,500
  • No personal documentation needed. 
  • Instant confirmation after a successful application 
    • (Password secured email with card details)
  • The ability to upgrade the card limit to RM10,000 
    • (requires personal identification documents and utility bill)

Big Prepaid MasterCard Plastic: (Used for Travel Needs)

  • Card limit is at RM10,000
  • Requires personal identification (Passport or MyKad) and utility billing
  • 14 working days to process the card

Signing off on the purchase

The pros about having this card at hand is that it is convenient and has the ability to convert up to 5 different currencies which include USD, EURO, GBP, AUD and SGD. It is also a Multi Currency Wallet that allows a lock-in exchange for the rates to avoid any form of currency fluctuation.

Air Asia Big Prepaid MasterCard Benefits

  • Exclusive access to Air Asia Priority Sales
  • Zero Processing Fee for any Air Asia Flight Bookings
  • Earning Big Points
  • Easy to top up and use while travelling

Once done, collect the card back with your receipt

Being widely accepted by MasterCard merchants for both in-store and online shopping, the Air Asia Mastercard is certainly a safer option to carrying around cash with you at all times.

This way, you wouldn't need to go to the bank to make a transaction and on the plus side, whilst you do your shopping with the card, you also have the means to earn BIG Points (RM2 spent converts to 1 BIG Point) which contributes to redeeming free Air Asia flights and hotel stays as well.

Online Application 

In terms of managing you account balance and keeping track of your transaction history, you can do so online by logging in to This gives you easy access to your account where you can reload your card and manage your details seamlessly according to your convenience.

There is also no joining fee or annual rates that go along with the card, so you can be assured that the application is just as smooth as keeping up with managing and using it.

On the experience
Some purchases to be brought back

Overall, we had a lovely experience walking around Hội An and with regards to the BIG Prepaid Mastercard, it certainly made things go a lot more easier in terms of doing purchases and transactions. It would be highly recommended to get one, especially if you are an on the go traveler who prefers on not carrying a lot of cash while travelling.

In the meantime, if you are considering on applying for the card, do not forget that you can get yours at Plus as mentioned before - there are two types that you can opt for and depending on your preference; you can always choose on keeping it online or using it for travel. Either way, it is certainly a worthwhile advantage to have, so consider it well and have fun on your travels!



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