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Giveaway Announcement

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THEFACESHOP x My Other Bag Limited Edition CC Cushion Cover | The Hand Butter Series


On THEFACESHOP Limited Edition CC Cushion Cover

What I absolutely adore about Korean brands is that when they do collaborations, they never hesitate to pull out all the stops when it comes to their product design, formulation and impressions. THEFACESHOP X My Other Bag Eco Collaboration is no exception to this, and for this particular partnership, the designs came in a set of three acclaimed handbag prints.

THEFACESHOP x My Other Bag Limited Edition CC Cushion Cover

On the product

So with regards, the one that we have here is the called the Chanel Bag 'Jackie Intense Cover Cushion' which comes in a hand-printed premium canvas bag brand called 'My Other Bag', directly from Los Angeles.

Used amongst Hollywood celebrities and more, it is a quite an iconic feature within the fashion industry and hence within this collaboration as well.  As for the product, the Cover Cushion weighs around 15 grams and retails for RM120.73 at THEFACESHOP, both online and in stores.

A Safety Seal
On the cushion texture

Now as for the type of cushion that we have here, it is called the CC Intense Cover Cushion in code V203 Natural Beige, and with this the product also comes with SPF50+PA+++. The texture is smooth yet solid, and picks up to a decent amount of formulation once you dab the cushion in, and as you can see below, it give a pretty thick consistency as well.

After blending it in

One thing to mention here is that each of these three designs does come with different cushion types, so upon making your choice, it would be best to consider this as well. However just in case you would prefer to interchange one with the other, you can also do that too following your skin needs.

THEFACESHOP Hand Butter Series
(Pending Retail)

The 5 Selections

Another mention here is also THEFACESHOP's Hand Butter Series which comes in a choice of 5, and each of these are the latest launch within the month of August that has rich, creamy and moisturizing butter aspect which is formulated with extra functional hand care features.

The Hand Butter Series (5 Variants):

  • Almond Long-Lasting Hand Butter: For additional moisture.
  • Jojoba Seed Anti-Aging Hand Butter: Firming, anti-aging and is moisturizing.
  • Olive Radiance Moisturizing Hand Butter: For radiance, shine and nourishment.
  • Rosehip Seed Whitening Hand Butter: Brightening with UV protection of SPF20++.
  • Shea Butter Moisturizing Hand Butter: For extra moisture and lasting hydration.

A Closer Look

Now as listed above, each of these gives out a different feel and benefit so depending on the one that you would want, you would also have the option to select that too. A good highlight out of the 5 would be the Almond Long-Lasting Hand Butter as it gives wonderful long lasting hydration, but if you are looking for something Anti-Aging, you can also go with the Jojoba Seed Anti-Aging Hand Butter as well.

In the meantime, for further details on the products mentioned above and on more updates, you can visit THEFACESHOP at their Official Website or their Facebook Page.



  1. amazing pictures! Love to try them out when my current products have finished

  2. I have went to check out these new CC cushion! especially the LV design, loving it so much but it is a bit pricy for me ><

  3. important to care for our hands.
    time to use this in car and office too.

  4. Never tried this. Looks good and will check it out.

  5. Good to see new items in cosmetics collection but definitely not for me because I'm sensitive skin one, anyway, tq for sharing

  6. was thinking to get one as friend's birthday pressie. this post just came in time.

  7. Nice photo taken. I love the packaging. Wonder is it nice to use.

  8. Attract by The Face Shop CC cushion as I looking for another brand for CC cushion. Thank you for sharing the CC Cushion.

  9. Love you review so much! The Face Shop is one of my favourite brand.

  10. another good vlog , and review too! superb la you

  11. oh wait.. the video is a featured video. :P

  12. The hand butter series attracts me. Will get a set for my dry skin.

  13. Wow, so many new products from The Face Shop. I don't know where to start, honestly, but your review helps me to narrow down what I need.

  14. Gosh these products are pretty awesome.. I want to try them out too... looks great and I trust the Face Shop brand as being a pretty great Korean brand too...

  15. The limited edition cushion is so pretty!! When I want to buy it sold out already. Gonna check it out in store =)

  16. I love your pictures babe! Especially those up close one.

  17. The cushion pack looks so elegant in your photo. :D I feel like wanna get one for myself now. Hehe

  18. The product looks cool! I like the limited edition cushion!

  19. I've been using their products for quite some time already, really like the quality :)

  20. i always love the way u shoot ur product. should teach me sometimes . hehe. btw, loves the limited edition cushion. really pretty!

  21. wow your photos all looks very professional ! can you share what camera you use?

  22. The cover cushion looks so exclusive! Very Chanel!

  23. Love their special edition bb cushion too.

  24. love the unique design of the cushion, it's like everyone following the innisfree trend

  25. I am the Big Fan for The Face Shop, will check out above range of product ya ^^


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