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NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk

NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk

Lately the hot weather has been quite a concern to a lot of us and with the haze making its way back into our midst, our health and skin will certainly be in need of extra care. So in terms of health-wise, it is always good to boost our immune system with vitamins; but with regards to our skin, it does require a pampering ritual on daily basis to look and feel good.

NIVEA Skin Delight Body Milk

The Two Variants
(Left to Right: Glowing Rose & Relaxing Lavender)

Now on a personal level, pampering the skin is one of the best ways that can make me feel extremely relaxed and calm, and a recent favorite that I have loved using is the NIVEA Skin Delight.

It has caring oil, floral scents and a luxurious texture that leaves the skin silky soft, plus it is also enriched with nourishing body milk which makes the skincare junkie in me really happy. Talk about a power combo all in one.

Using Relaxing Lavender just before bedtime

Now there are two variants within the range that is available; one is Relaxing Lavender and another one is named Glowing Rose

Relaxing Lavender is amazing to use at night as it keeps the skin supple, especially when it’s right after a warm bath and just before bed time where it would be time for you to unwind and rest.  I enjoy using it with a little jazz music too, where right after I will be able to drift off peacefully to get a good night sleep.
Spreading out the texture

As for Glowing Rose, I like applying it during the day as the fragrance is light, soft and delicate. The non-sticky formula also locks in the moisture nicely which keeps the skin feeling hydrated throughout the day, plus you can see a nice radiant glow right after application.

Look at that shine!

I love the fact that the body milk has a lush creamy texture and by massaging it in gently into the skin in circular motions, the formulation is very quick and easy to absorb. I usually take a generous amount on the palm of the hand before lightly applying it to the rest of the body, and it is so nice to relax to its floral scents right after.


Overall, the experience of using both products is truly a holistic treat like no other and I honestly can’t get enough of how delightful the formulation and fragrances are. It keeps me confident while smelling great and it also makes me feel very relaxed throughout the day with moisturized skin. It is truly amazing how a few minutes of a little ‘me time’ would go a long way.

In the meantime, the NIVEA Skin Delight is available in two sizes and retails at an introductory price of RM11.90 (NP:RM16.50) for 250ml and RM17.50 (NP:21.90) for 400ml, but for further details, you can always check out NIVEA's Official Facebook Page for more information.


  1. I'm using Nivea in-shower body lotion right now. Perhaps I can change to this one so that I can apply it any time I remember, and not just when I'm in the shower.

  2. I do love the scent of Nivea products... they are awesome.... and will check these new range out...

  3. Lovely review! I always have Nivea lotion. haven't try this new ones but am sure it is doing all good to the skin.

  4. Nice product review. Wish more bloggers wrote this well. :) Keep up the good work Shivani.

  5. I've been using Nivea body lotion since few years back, i really love the scents.

  6. i seldom use lotion because of laziness..haha But , i know their product is quite moisturising

  7. I've been using their products for quite some time already, really like the quality :)

  8. I've been using Nivea whitening lotion for quite sometimes and I really love it :) especially the smells

  9. Always loved nivea lotions. looks even better than the one i have now.

  10. i tahu nivea for men! :P.. they are aggresive in their marketing

  11. i also have been using nivea too

  12. Have always been and forever will be a Nivea fan - love the texture and its packaging too - the colour just lights up my mood everytime


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