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Dr. Belmeur | The Face Shop | Is It Worth It?

On the range

When the Dr. Belmeur range first launched in Korea, there was a lot of hype in their beauty discussion forums. This curiosity hit hard,  especially for those who were struggling with sensitive and acne prone skin, and having used the collective for the past three weeks, I can certainly see why.

Now if you are the type who has sensitive or acne prone skin, or even reddish areas that you are unable to fully conceal, then this would be a product line that you may want to look into. The reason being, is that it is the very first cosmeceutical skincare line by The Face Shop and because of its low irritant formula and mild plant based ingredients, it is perfectly safe for the particular skin type.

The Dr. Belmeur Range | How To

Putting aside the fact that this collection has been one of the most talked about topics in skincare lately, I am going to be giving you a beauty breakdown on some of the items in the line. We have three products that were used routinely for the duration of three weeks, and the first one is the Daily Repair Toner that comes in 200ml, then the second which is the Daily Repair Moisturizer at 120ml and their best seller, which is the Ato Salt Cream at 80ml.

Keeping in mind that the entire range is fragrance free, the line that I am using here is the Daily Repair and it is for dry and sensitive skin. However, there is a second category which you can opt for, and that is called Clarifying, and is more targeted towards oily, acne and problematic skin.

The Products | Beauty Breakdown

The Toner

So when I implemented this into my usual skincare routine,  I began with the Daily Repair Toner (retails at RM89.90 - before GST) which was used directly after cleansing. This product is very gentle and it took off whatever that was left of my makeup at the end of the day. It was also very soothing and cooling which I liked and had a nice lightweight & hydrating texture to it.

The Moisturizer

As for the Daily Repair Moisturizer, this comes in a 120ml tube (retails at RM99.90-before GST) and has a cream like consistency to it. It is surprisingly not thick and has a lovely bouncy touch to it, and thus when you apply it on, you would notice that there would be a nice radiance to your skin that will make you look refreshed all day long.  It also replenishes back the hydration balance that the earlier cleansing might have taken off, so that is great too.

The Ato Salt Cream

Finally, moving on to the Ato Salt Cream (retails at RM139.90 -before GST). There is a reason why this product is Dr. Belmeur's best seller and I can definitely see why it is because this out of the three is my personal favourite as well. However, it is best to take note that this is a specialised item for dry skin and Atopic Eczema, but regardless of that, this mineral salt therapy cream is best at reliving itchiness due to the skin being too dry and delivers deep hydration to plump up the skin. 

Now the reason as to why this product became my preference out of the three is because lately my skin has been reacting oddly to certain weather conditions, where streaks of red would suddenly appear after mild irritation; and for the longest time, I wasn't able to get rid of it. However, after consistent use of the product, it did assist in terms of clearing and balancing out the redness, plus it also supplied the skin with added moisture - which if you see in the picture below, is left well hydrated & healthy, and is certainly a way better improvement than what the texture was 3 weeks ago.

The Skin After 3 Weeks

Results after use

So on overall, I am extremely satisfied with the range. Also factoring in the price point for this being labeled as a cosmeceutical skincare line, I am left very impressed.  For usually, products like these, especially effective ones - it would normally go beyond the RM200 price mark, but seeing as Dr.Belmeur kept their collective at a reasonable retail, the range is well worth every cent spent.

In the meantime, for more details on the range, you can head on over to The Face Shop's Official Facebook Page, Instagram and Website for further information, but as for now, the selections above are now available on The Face Shop's official online store and nationwide outlets as well.


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  1. That's a flawless face right there! Oh my, I would most likely give this product a try once I am down with the trouble breaker box that I got from althea first..


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