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Giveaway Announcement

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The Inkredibles | Relive the Print


Weekend Activities with The Inkredibles

In the day and age where everything is going through a virtual revamp, it is refreshing to see modernistic ideas and creativity on printing mechanisms and processes that are done by innovative youths. Keeping in check that most things can be found online anyway, The Inkredibles present something very unique to the industry, which is personalisation with a twist.

The Inkredibles
Product Retail | RM 6- RM42

At the event

You see, the thing with millenials is that we always like something unique, something customisable to our wants and needs, and usually the best way to do that is more often that not with the written word, for it is indeed something that comes sincerely from the heart.

Postcard Sets | RM14
The Postcard Book | RM38

Being one who fully supports this, I still remember back in the day where I always looked forward to receiving cards from my husband, whether it would be for Valentines Day, Christmas, Birthdays or even on Anniversaries.

Customizing our own cards
Cut out letterings

He always put in his full effort and whenever it was for a really special occasion, he would fill it with poems. This collection soon became a hard copy keepsake that I still treasure till this day, for it reminds me on how our relationship had blossomed through our 11 years together.

Valentine's Card | RM8
Birthday Card| RM8

Thus when it came to exploring what The Inkredibles had in store, I found that it resonated with what I had experienced back in the day and this to me, is incredibly special for it is a rarity that we can still find something like this nowadays.

On full support with Sunshine Kelly

Having The Inkredibles be a family company, what it does is that it professionally specialises in handmade prints. It relives the art of printing but with a little flair and modernity to it. Basically it can turn any design that you would desire into a graphic print to make custom book covers, personalised postcards and even transform old photographs into beautiful new personalised gifts.

On lighting

Also, as can be seen from above, the possibility in changing a modest lamp into something extraordinary can also be found at The Inkredibles. However this is a little something extra from their end for yesterday's event, but nonetheless the prospects certainly seem to be endless when it comes to what they can do.

On the Never Too Old To Be Incredible Notebooks | RM42
Wire Band Notebook | RM23

Not only that but The Inkredibles also have amazing notebooks, where when you flip on the inside, you will find a monthly calendar, a travel diary, to-do lists,  mini challenges and even a world map within. It is so beautifully detailed that a part of me is also inspired to travel more, to just fill up those pages.

On the sets
Stickers | RM14

Other than that, The Inkredibles also have a postcard book, where you will find 27 pages of wonderfully curated designs, fully ready to be filled to send out. They also have customisable stickers where if you are the type of person who is into scrapbooking, would come really in handy.

Printing done right

Now on overall, I think The Inkredibles have a wonderful concept going on, and if you wondering on how you can get a hold on one of their incredible artwork pieces, you can head on over to their Official Online Website to check that out. They will be focusing on personalising individual artworks or pictures real soon on their products as well as expanding their business to doing events as well, so for more details and updates, you can check out their Official Facebook Page too.



  1. Loved your way of presenting things...

  2. I like the Valentine's card. It's so cute.

  3. I am impressed by the quality prints. The notebooks seem nice, though a little pricey.


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