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Aperio's Hair Defense Leave In Conditioner | Yay or Nay?


Whenever it comes to new releases in the beauty market, whether it is in terms of hair care, makeup, skincare and more, we find that it is always best to give the products a go for a minimum of two weeks, look at the results and thus share them out with all of you on the platform.

With regards, we have a recent one at hand and this is from the hair care brand Aperio that is formulated in the United States. The product in question that we are going to discuss however is called the Hair Defense Leave in Conditioner, which in its description states that after application, it leaves the strands shiny, while volumizing and softening the hair.

Aperio Hair Defense Leave in Conditioner 
(200ml Retailing at RM110)

Now first off, what you would need to understand is that this conditioner has a scent to it. It is a rather pleasant one, and was not found to be overpowering in any way, plus it resembles a Cherry Blossom fragrance with a mysterious floral vibe to it which we quite like.

It terms of its consistency, it is very light and absorbs into the hair almost immediately after applying it on. The product doesn't leave any form of sticky residue and a little goes a long way in making the strands appear more voluminous as well. However a good way to let this conditioner play to its optimum strength is to work it in after cleansing your hair. Nonetheless, if you are out during the day and your hair is dry, the product will still work as well, so on overall it can be used either way (no rinse needed).

The Results After 2 Weeks of Use:

  • The product gave the strands good shine and a slight voluminous lift.
  • The hair did not feel greasy after application.
  • A good reduction to frizzing and static.
  • Strands did feel much smoother after continuous usage.
  • Best massaged gently into the ends of the strands, either wet or dry.

Now in the long run, you can certainly feel a difference in the hair after usage, but while the strands did strengthen in the long run, we found that the split ends were still there (it is to be expected unless you were to trim it off). However it would be good to note, that they were not as visible, plus they were much smoother upon touch as well.

So if you would like to know where you can find this, Aperio is currently listed on its official store at 11Street, plus if you are looking to get it some time soon, there will be a Christmas promotion (up to 60% off) that will be ongoing from the 1st of December till the 25th as well. In the meantime, for further information on the products, you can also head on over to Aperio's Official Facebook Page as well.


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