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Knowing more about Dr.Wu | Beauty Workshop

At the event

Over the past week, we attended a beauty workshop conducted by none other than Taiwan's number 1 clinical skincare brand extraordinaire Dr.Wu. A little backstory if you are unfamiliar is that the brand was founded in 2003 by well respected dermatologists, and has now expanded to 8 countries, including Malaysia.

On the products
The Mineral Makeup Line

Now in the past, we have had the pleasure of featuring and discussing the brand's product line twice on the platform (which you can read here and here), and as some of you may already know, we are a huge fan of their hydration range that has the 5th Generation Hyalucomplex Hydrating Serum, which provides the skin a gentle yet refreshing boost of moisturization when needed.

Dr.Wu's Beauty Consultant from Taiwan
The Hydration Range

Thus with this workshop, we delved into the importance of skincare and on the right product choice that would be needed for different skin types. Plus if you are already familiar with Dr.Wu, then you would also know that with regards to this, the brand has currently 12 product lines with 68 SKU products to date that can thus cater to each individual skin textures as well.

 On Dr.Wu's Skincare Range

The Intensive Hydrating Serum
The Consistency

So with this, we had a beauty consultant to demonstrate to us on just how effective the products were, and by using just one product from the hydration range, which was the Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, our model's back hand went from the index of 93% to a whopping 100% in a matter of seconds.

Trying the texture on at the back of its hand
The Results

However it is good to note that while this product states that it is an Intensive Hydrating Serum, it is by no means invasive to the skin and thus can be used on sensitive and severely dry skin effectively. The texture on this is also extremely light and to the touch, it actively responds like a water based liquid which is then absorbed into the skin quickly.

The Daily Renewal Serum

However if your skin's texture is on the more sensitive side, another alternative which you can consider is the Daily Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid. What this product does is that it regenerates, restructures and repairs the skin while boosting up its metabolism at the same time. It also helps to soothe any redness and helps assist in flakiness too.

On the Makeup Range

Application of the Perfect Cover on the model's skin
The Perfect Cover applied on the back of the hand

In terms of having makeup products at hand, Dr. Wu has that on hand too; and one of them which we thoroughly enjoyed is the Extreme Hydrate DD Cushion.

However within this cushion range, Dr. Wu has 3 types which you can choose from, one which is the  Perfect Cover (in Pink) that provides the highest coverage power, the Hydration type (in Blue) that gives moisturization to the skin, and finally the Oil Control (in Green) that gives the face a nice matte finish.

Trying out the Extreme Hydate DD Cushion
All three cushion variations

The reason being for opting for the Hydrate DD Cushion was because the texture on which it was applied to the skin was just wonderful. We also found that the blend of it was extremely smooth, and after gentle tapping would suit to the tone of the skin with a flawless velvet finish.

The Pore Clarifying Range
The Capsule Mask Series

So if you would like to know more about Dr.Wu, you can head on over to the brand's Official Facebook Page for updates. To have a look at their product line and know what would be best suited to you, you can also head on over to any SaSa outlets for a visit as well.



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