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Skechers™ Opens It Largest City Outlet At IPC Shopping Centre

Skechers at IPC Shopping Centre

To all our sports and footwear junkies out there, Skechers™ USA has finally opened its brand new City Outlet at the recently renovated IPC Shopping Centre at Mutiara Damansara.

This space covers 6,600 square feet, showcases the latest collection of wearables (including the Skechers™ lifestyle and performance collection for Men, Women and Kids) and is also known as the largest store of its kind in the whole region of Southeast Asia.

In the Outlet

Now Skechers™ has won the hearts of many with its stylish and comfortable footwear collection such as Sport, D'Lites 2, Burst, USA, Bobs, Energy Lights, Twinkle Toes, the GOwalk and GOrun series as well as performance apparels which include tops, tees, pants and more.

The Layout
The Collection

The brand also endorses a list of celebraties as well such as Korean hip hop superstar Zico, multi-platinum recording artist Meghan Trainor, pop star Camila Cabello, and athletic legends like Sugar Ray Leonard, Ozzie Smith and Howie Long.

The Christmas Collective

However, what is special about the store is its concept; where together with its unique store space that was built to showcase its newest designs; shows an amazing positioning of the brand within the marketplace.

A Closer Look

Not only that but the outlet will also house more than 500 designs, offering the widest assortments of Skechers™ products, where all variety of the brand's styles and great choices of colors will be available under one roof. Also the store displays will be categorized by men's, women's, kids, and apparel for a convenient shopping experience.

At the Opening
On Overall

Aiming to be the top 3 brands for the athleisure category, Skechers™ plans on maintaining its walking shoes as its market leader for 2018, whilst introducing new walking shoes collections with more fashionable elements with ultra-comfort materials. The brand will also continue to expand with 29 new stores next year, amounting to a total of 91 stores in Malaysia.

So for more information about Skechers™ Malaysia, do visit their Official Website for more details; or be updated with their latest offerings by logging into their Official Facebook Page as well.



  1. wow.. never heard about Skechers before, love the design of that maroon shoose in the photo above.. huhu.. smart!

  2. cantiknya..kalau zaza ni rambang mata juga tengok..lawa tgk design kasut macam warna purple2 tu..

  3. I would love to have a pair of Skechers but have yet the opportunity (nor the cash) to check the shoes out. With such a big store, one will get better choices to shop.

  4. OMG!!! the shoes look gorgeous

  5. Banyak pilihan design yg menarik. Suka betul dengan jenama ni, selesa sangat.

  6. dah jatuh cinta dengan sneakers gak,, insyaallah nak sepasang juga

  7. Sketchers antara jenama pilihan utk product sukan..boleh terjah IPC nanti..

  8. baru je inform Mr Hubby nak cari sport shoes...menarik juga design Skechers™ ni

  9. nice store! Will bring my girls there for new shoes

  10. my fav brand...i love their sneakers.

  11. I love sketchers shoes. They're super comfortable to wear. The price is a bit high compared to other brand, but it's totally worth it.

  12. Sketchers memang best. Baru pergi terjah di MPO last week. But saya mampu tengok sahaja kasut dia.Hehe. Kawan2 ramai yang sukakan brand ni sebab memang selesa. True, outlet di IPC ni lebih besar, nampak lebih ruang dan selesa. Pasti akan kunjungi outlet ni nanti.

  13. Wah SKechers new outlet with a lot of new collection. Nice!

  14. Thanks for the info. Cantik jugak kasut-kasut skechers ni.

  15. wow!! lots of collection, 500 shoes,.need to go there, ASAP!!

  16. look cozy, can spend hours there to choose my favorite shoe.
    yes, it takes hours for me to choose a stuff usually


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