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THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Boosters | Should You Invest?

On Skin Boosters

Now we have seen plenty of skincare boosters in the beauty market; and whether they are for hydration, anti-aging or even skin damage, they do the one thing which is to add on additional benefits to your existing skincare routine. Thus in the past, we have spoken about THE FACE SHOP lotions and creams but to add to addressing the different skincare concerns such as dullness, anti-aging and skin damage, this is where The Therapy Boosters come in.

The Therapy Boosters

What Do They Do?

So what do THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Boosters do exactly? Well, while they do amplify the benefits of THE FACE SHOP lotions and creams (or any other brand for the matter), each of them are a good blend (European blending) of essentials oils to address several skin issues at one time.  This means that while they are highly-concentrated yet easy to use, THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Boosters let you customize your own skincare products by creating your own perfect blend.

In terms of availability, THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Boosters will be in stores starting this month in April 2018 and will be retailing at RM93 for 15ml. There are 2 variants to them as well, one for Firming and the other for Rejuvenating.

The Therapy Firming Booster

The Firming Booster

In terms of The Therapy Firming Booster, this product is an intensive cocktail of active ingredients that addresses the symptoms of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness and dryness. It also targets the firming, energizing and the hydration aspect of it and uses the ingredients of Hazel (to revitalize the skin), Bay Tree (Soothe Inflammation), and Lavender (To firm the skin) for its formula as well. This is best used to blend with The Therapy Hydrating Formula Emulsion, The Therapy Secret- Made Anti-Aging Cream.

The Therapy Rejuvenating Booster

On regeneration

As for The Therapy Rejuvenating Booster, this one focuses on skin regenerating, nourishment and radiance enhancement. The product contains a special blend of soothing and strengthening ingredients and works great for sensitive, tired and damaged skin  with its unique blend of repairing formulation of Borage (Alleviates acne and eczema symptoms), Comfrey (Improves appearance of scares) and Rosemary (Soften and clears skin). For this booster, it is best recommended to blend in with The Therapy Toning Moisture Blending Formula Cream, The  Therapy Secret-Made Anti-Aging Cream.

How To | The Therapy Booster

The Boosters

So in terms of how do you use these Therapy Boosters, simply blend 1-3 drops of the product with your favorite lotion or cream. Right after, apply the mixture evenly on to the skin, from the centre outwards and massage gently. Once done, finish by pressing palms onto the skin to enhance absorption.

Using it with the cream

It is good to note however to not use the booster alone as the ingredients are highly concentrated but with regards to using them with makeup, you can do so, by using it as a makeup base. A simple how to instruction will be listed below for warm reference.
Using THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Booster as a Makeup Base

  • Step 1: Mix 1 drop of the booster with your desired amount of BB Cream or Foundation. 1 or 2 pumps of foundation will do.
  • Step 2: Blend both mixtures well and once done, apply it on the face with a damp beauty blender or a sponge.
  • Step 3: Set your makeup with a setting powder or makeup setting spray.
  • Step 4: You are done!
Results after Application | After using the product for a week

Now on overall, we have enjoyed using The Therapy Boosters but a preference between the two is the Firming Booster because in terms of anti-aging, it actually worked quite well when combined with the The Therapy Hydrating Formula Emulsion. In the meantime for further details, the Boosters have already been made available to both THE FACE SHOP boutiques and counters, but for more information, you can head on over to their THE FACE SHOP's Official Website and Facebook Page for further updates.

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