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Atelier Cologne Launches Café Tuberosa

Atelier Cologne

Have you ever had a perfume that would simply awake the senses? Well this latest launch by Atelier Cologne is certainly one not to be missed for the Café Tuberosa is a gourmand's take on the classic tuberose with delicious aroma of chocolate, vanilla and coffee.

Atelier Cologne | Café Tuberosa 

At the Launch

Now Tuberose or more to the point 'Polianthes Tuberosa' is a small white flower within the same class as the jasmine and orange blossom; that is nicknamed Rajanighanda (fragrance of the night). Its ingredient is mainly harvested in the south of France as well as India, and its extraction has a rather floral scent to it that is also very animalic and vegetal.

The Range

With the perfume Café Tuberosa, its fragrance delights the senses and is by contrast a light but a composite blend of tuberose, vanilla, chocolate and coffee. However, while it has an unassuming floral extract in its heart notes, the scent on its own smells rather expensive, or more so like a natural scent of distinguished elegance and grace.

The Café Tuberosa 

As for the sizing of the perfume, the Café Tuberosa comes in 3 forms, with the first being at 30ml, the second at 100ml and finally the biggest at 200ml. In terms of its retail, we have the smallest at RM365, the second at RM725 and the biggest one at RM955.


Now the Café Tuberosa  will be available at all KENS Apothecary outlets which will be listed below for reference, but for further details, do head on over to their Official Facebook Page for more updates.

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