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KAO's Parenthood Day | My Modern Parenthood

KAO's Parenthood Day

Every year Dan and I look forward to the day when Kao Malaysia come's to town and with yesterday having launched their 'Kao's Parenthood Day' in conjunction with its third year of "Welcome to my Modern Parenthood Campaign", we couldn't be more thrilled. Now over the years, this event has been designed to help young families in freeing up valuable time from chores, and this is so that they can spend more time with their family, loved ones and those who matter.

KAO's Parenthood Day at Sunway Pyramid

The Details

It is good to note that not only that, but Kao's guidebook which is 'The Secret to My Modern Parenthood' was also launched within the event as well and as it was co-created with Kao Japan Lifestyle Research Centre and Positive Parenting, the Official Expert and Educational Content Provider, it not only provides families with easy to follow suggestions and ideas on maintaining a healthy environment but also some great tips for dealing with baby's emergency needs as well as home safety too.

The Guidebook Launch

Plus beyond being a booklet to help families, Kao is also proud to announce that they are distributing an additional 40,000 guidebooks with the hopes of being inducted into The Malaysia Book of Records for being the 'Most Number of Parenting Guidebook Distribution'.

On the Products

Now of course having Kao's Japan home care expertise within the household has given a wholehearted satisfaction on the emphasis and value of family- and with our little one, we do want her to learn to impart on that as much as she can as well. For one of the happiest moments with her is when we spend quality time with her; and within that bonding period, it is much appreciated when our household products can assist in making things easier for us as well as allowing us to do things together as a family unit.

On using their home-care products

So for those of you who enjoy Japanese home-care like we do, have a look at their three mains which are all number 1 in Japan respectively for preference, which is their Merries Baby Diapers, Magiclean Home Care, and Attack which is their Laundry Concentrated Powder. We have been using all three of them constantly and had a wonderful experience with them, so we have listed them below so you can have a look as well.

On Merries
For Efficient Cleaning
  • Merries Japan's No.1 Baby Diapers: 
    • Provides babies and toddlers with a comfortable, dry and highly absorbent diaper that reduces irritation on the skin and will keep a baby smiling throughout the day.

  • Magiclean, Japan No.1 Home Care Range:
    • Allows for quick and efficient cleaning. Designed to ensure a single wipe is all you need to ensure smooth, hygienic surfaces and no fly-away dust.

  • Attack, Japan's No.1 Laundry Concentrated Powder:
    • With its unique and advanced anti-bacterial formula, ensures fast and effective elimination of sweat and odor from cloths and apparel as well as preventing bacterial growth.

On Overall

Now for further details, do head on over to KAO's Official Website but if you would like to drop by for a visit, they will be there from the now till the 20th of May 2018 at Sunway Pyramid, LG2 Orange Atrium.

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