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CS12 debuts in Malaysia | Holiday Collection 2018

Now skincare is something that a lot of us pay avid attention to, especially as you get on with age. Over the past week, we were thus introduced to CS12 and its Holiday 2018 Collection; which if most of you aren't familiar with- is a brand that is formulated with Germany's advanced skin care technology, has been in the beauty industry for over 8 years and is focused on searching for a skin care solution that is tailored specifically towards Asian skin and its climates.

Knowing More About CS12 & It's Holiday 2018 Collection

So let us begin with the brand's Holiday Collection first. Now for this release, CS12 features two of their most popular products; one which is the Miracle Mask that you see above, and the 2nd which is The Calming Ampoule which you see below - both with a classy, seasonal packaging.

Now we have given a go at their masks, and we have to say that it is extremely good for all skin types, especially for those who have sensitive or really dry skin. For not only does it gives a good boost of moisture to it; but the film on this is extremely thin which is great for absorption and it fits really well to the shape of the face too. In addition, the product also has peppermint extract as its main ingredient which is really cooling, and is best used during the day to prepare and protect the skin, and at night for repair. Plus once the application is done, it is best to rinse the residue off after use.

  • The CS12 Miracle Mask Pack retails at RM258 for 9 pieces instead of 7.

As for The Calming Ampoule, this is tailored to address sensitive skin that is easily irritated. For not only does the ampoule provide repair and restoration to the skin, it also helps to teach it to protect itself over the long term. It is best used at the serum stage of your skincare routine and for treatment, it is recommended to use one whole bottle and massage it into the face with clean fingers. As for its retail, it will be available in a box of seven for RM378.

  • The Calming Ampoule retails at RM378 for 7 pieces. Best to use opened bottle within 30 hours.

Now as mentioned above, CS12 Professional Skincare is mainly made for Asians who are facing major skincare concerns, and it has also been dermatological proven in achieving significant results and positive feedback as well. Depending on your skin type, the brand has a vast range to cater to it, so for further details, you can follow them on their Official Facebook Page and Website for more information.

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