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Al-Hur beauty | Skincare Review

Today we are going to bring the discussion to a newly launched skincare line called Al-Hur Beauty which hails all the way from Dubai. With regards, the brand has launched a new collection; one which includes 3 types of skincare products - a Moroccan Olive Oil Cleanser, a Volcanic Mineral Mud Mask and finally a Cocoa Butter Cream.

Product Breakdown

Hence in terms, the first thing that you would need to know about this line is that they have high antioxidants, are non-comedogenic (doesn't blocked pores) and have all been embedded with natural scents. Not only that but this collection is also tailored towards dry skin as well which is a huge plus point on our end.

Moroccan Olive Oil Cleanser | RM49.90

So to begin we have the Moroccan Olive Oil Cleanser which retails at RM49.90. It's main ingredients are the Moroccan Oilve Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Pomegranate, plus upon application, it refreshes the skin quite nicely. In addition, it removes any form of dirt and impurities as well which is great. Now with this, you can use your hands to massage the cleanser in, but Al-Hur also has a glove to go along with it to help gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin too which is pretty thoughtful for those who have severely dry skin.

Volcanic Mineral Mud Mask | RM69.90

As for this particular mud mask, it stimulates the cells and intensifies collagen production which in turn leads to less wrinkles, oil, acne and dullness. Plus after application, we feel that it also draws out impurities and eliminates them; thus leaving the skin smoother, firmer and detoxed as well.

However,  it would be good to note that it would be best applied only once or twice a week,  just so your skin is well taken care of. Too much of it however might dry out your skin, so just a little precaution there.

Cocoa Butter Cream | RM49.90

As for this final one which is the Cocoa Butter Cream, this has to be a favorite out of the lot. Retailing at RM49.90, you can apply this to both the face and body for it improves the skin's elasticity and restores its moisture level as well. It has a nice lingering scent and keeps the skin supple and well nourished. It's main ingredients consists of Coca Butter Cream, Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Pomegranate.

On overall, the range is pretty good, but for further details, you can visit Al-Hur's Official Website and Instagram Page for further updates. For more information, you can also head on over to their Official Facebook Page too.

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