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London Based W7 Cosmetics Launches in Malaysia

Over the last week, London based cosmetics W7 made its official debut in Malaysia. Now this brand is well known in London and offers an extensive range of cosmetics products for the young, fashion forward individuals who are looking for affordable, quality makeup for their every day look.

W7 Cosmetics 

So the first thing that you would need to know about W7 Cosmetics is that the brand aspires to encourage young and vibrant women to be bold and confident whilst creating looks that match to their unique style.

Coined after a postcode, W7 in West London, the brand now comprises over 100 makeup products inthe local market that include makeup primers, foundations, concealers, face powders, blushers, contour makeup, eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, lip liners and lipstick; all of which are priced from RM20 onwards.

Now it is good to note that all W7 cosmetic products are free from heavy metals such as TBTO (preservative) and other harmful ingredients. Not only that, but W7 is also against animal testing and have thus never tested any of its products on animals. Hence as for its product retail, we have also included the list down below for easier reference as well.
W7 Product Line:

  • W7 Makeup Primer: RM36.70 | 30ml
  • W7 Face Fantasy Matte Finish Foundation: 3 shades | RM46.13 | 30ml
  • W7 Genius Feather Light Foundation: 5 shades | RM41.41 | 30ml
  • W7 HD Foundation: 5 shades | RM34.81 | 30ml
  • W7 Legend Lasting Wear Foundation: 4 shades| RM41.41 | 28ml
  • W7 Sheer Foundation: 5 shades| RM24.43 | 30g
  • W7 Catwalk Concealer: 3 shades| RM23.49 |9ml
  • W7 Powder: 4 types| RM24.43 - RM36.70
  • W7 Contour Stick: 4 shades | RM34.81 | 4g
  • W7 Highlighter: 2 shades| RM31.04 | 5g
  • W7 Blusher: 4 shades| RM21.60 | 7g
  • W7 Fixer: RM25.38 | 18ml
  • W7 Eyeshadows: 5 shades | RM34.81-RM53.68
  • W7 Eyeliner: 4 types | RM22.55-RM31.04
  • W7 Mascara: 9 types | RM28.21- RM34.81
  • W7 Eyebrow Pencil: 3 shades | RM27.26 | 0.3g
  • W7 Lip Liner: 8 shades | RM21.60 | 0.28g
  • W7 Lipstick: 3 types | RM25.38

Now upon playing with some of the products, we have to say that the formulations on these are consistent. The palettes are nice to use and blend well, and their lip products have a rather smooth texture to them too. Plus in terms to the price point, we have to say that on overall, the collection is pretty worth it as well. However as to where you are able to locate it, W7 cosmetics are made available exclusively at selected Guardian pharmacies nationwide. So for further details, do check them out on their Official Facebook Page too.

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