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Assessing Your Laser Skin Tightening Eligibility

You are probably aware of the popularity of laser skin tightening. Lasers themselves are prominent tools in the skincare industry, and tightening procedures make up a large portion of the treatments they supply. When your skin starts to show wrinkles with age, a skin tightening procedure may be the answer you seek. However, you have to assess your laser skin tightening eligibility, first. That means considering all aspects of the process, including the potential benefits and risks.

What the Laser Skin Tightening Process Involves

A single laser skin tightening appointment is a fairly simple event. You can have it done in an hour or so. Although, the exact appointment length depends on how much skin you need treated and where it is located. When you arrive, the technician will use the laser to target the offending areas while also keeping you comfortable using anesthetic ointment or cool air. Those techniques offset some of the heat produced by the laser, but your skin will still feel warm during and directly after treatment.

The long-term laser skin tightening process is somewhat more involved. The cosmetic laser machines do not tighten the skin visibly immediately. It can take a while for results to show because the treatments kick start restorative processes inside your body. Therefore, your clinician may recommend a series of several treatments instead of just one, which increases your cost and time investment factors.

Problems Treatable with Laser Skin Tightening 

Laser skin tightening is not meant to be a substitute for surgery. It is meant to be a preventative option, precursor or after-surgery maintenance option. In other words, it is only effective for treating moderate skin problems, not those that are severe. Crow's feet, moderate wrinkles and areas where skin is slightly lax are often successfully treated with lasers. Since the treatments help to improve the effectiveness of skin-strengthening collagen, they can also help to repair areas of discoloration, scarring and sun damage, in some cases.

After Effects of Laser Skin Tightening Procedures 

One of the reasons laser skin tightening is so popular is the after effects are minimal, usually. The need for any type of recovery is almost non-existent. You can leave the clinic as soon as the procedure is over and return to daily life, for the most part. The only major exception is you need to keep your skin protected from the sun. The laser procedure increases sun sensitivity.

Upon returning home after laser treatment, you may notice some discomfort in the treated area. Temporary redness and itchiness are common. There may also be some swelling. There is no need to worry. Those symptoms and any roughness you feel on your skin should all disappear a week or less after your appointment.

More Serious Laser Skin Tightening Side Effects to Watch For 

Unlike the mild side effects listed above, you should talk to your skincare professional at the first sign of any serious side effects after laser treatment. For example, changes in the color of your  skin (hyper pigmentation) or any indications of a possible infection must be addressed immediately. There is also a chance of blisters developing due to laser treatment. However, that risk is low, as long as you are treated with the right type of laser for your type of skin. If you are prone to cold sores or acne outbreaks, you must discuss those issues with your clinician before trying laser skin tightening. The process can cause your symptoms to worsen, so a different type of treatment may be recommended.

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