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Authentic Signature Body Lotion | Mt Sapola

Now if you guys know me, you would already know that I am all for aromatherapy products; whether it would be in the form of essential oils, body care, diffusers and more. So today I thought I would bring attention to a brand called Mt Sapola, which is a brand from both Singapore (now rebranded there as the brand Hysses for the international market) and Thailand (still known as Mt Sapola).

About Mt Sapola and its Range

Now Mt Sapola has a pretty wide range of products from what I can see from their Official Website, and founded in 1998, they specialise in spa products (in particular soaps), which are all 100% organic, and made from natural origin ingredients.  Thus we have here their new organic 100% natural with non preservative line which is their Authentic Signature Collection; hence we are going to be giving you a quick breakdown of the selection down below.
Mt Sapola Authentic Signature Collection:

  • Authentic Signature Body Mist
  • Authentic Signature Body Lotion
  • Natural Handmade Soap in Lavender

So the first two that we have here is Mt Sapola's Signature Body Mist and Body Lotion which comes at 165ml and 220ml respectively. In terms of each of their retail, their Body Mist comes at 450 baht (which is around RM58.05) while their Body Lotion comes at 590 baht ( which translate to around RM76.12).  Packaging wise is something that I quite like; which is a tall slim bottle with a dark finish and on overall, they are quite easy to bring around with you as well.

As for the lotion's texture, it is really quite gentle and once it has been applied, it absorbs quite quickly, leaving no residue. However as mentioned, the formula is very gentle, so this is something that would be more suitable towards combination skin as it might not be as potent. On the other hand, the scent of this is quite heavenly so it's highly suggested to apply it before going to bed so that you would get a good night sleep.

In terms to the body mist, this one is best applied right after a bath or shower  for the absorption on this is also quite fast. However it is good to note that the scent for this is quite strong, so a little goes a long way in terms to utilising it in the long run.

With regards to the handmade soaps, I have to say that they were amazing. There are no chemicals used within its formulation which is great and the scent reminds me of having a good spa session at home. The one that I have here in Lavender is extremely calming when utilised and is good to have in the bath after a stressful day out.

On overall you guys if you are into aromatherapy products, this is a brand that I would definitely recommend to check out. In the meantime for more details and updates, you can follow them on their Facebook Page and their Official Website.

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