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By Terry Launches its Lip-Expert in Matte & Shine in Kensapothecary

This week, BY TERRY launched its brand new Lip-Expert which is a range of liquid lipsticks that was inspired by the ever alluring Parisian woman. The line is a perfect balance of extravagant and natural, effortless and sophisticated, modern and classic; plus the Lip-Expert collection allows women to create statement looks in a single stroke of Matte and Shine. In other words, it is the ideal choice for those who enjoy their signature shades or would like to play with different styles.

By Terry Lip Expert 

So with that being said, the Lip Expert is an innovative take on formulas, thus representing the new era of liquid lipsticks, and comes in 32 shades and 2 finishes; one being the Bold Matte and the other in Vinyl Gloss. Their packaging also features a unique window design, one that is inspired by the iconic Vero Dodat Gallery in Paris, where By Terry opened its very first shop.
By Terry Lip Expert

1.   Lip Expert Shine Liquid Lipstick:

  • High Radiance Gloss/Maxi Gloss
  • Radiance
  • Hydrating Formula
  • Bold Colour Compact

2. Lip Expert Matte Liquid Lipstick:

  • No Transfer
  • Bold Colour Impact
  • Kiss Proof
  • Comfortable Wear

Now it's good to note that both matte and shine formulas have their own characteristics for an expert performance; for in terms of application, each of them have their own respective benefits. Thus with that, we will be listing them down below for reference.
Description and Formulation

Vinyl Gloss:

  • Has a Memory Shape Elastic Gel
  • High Payoff Pigments
  • Has Long Lasting Results
  • Has an Anti-Oxidant Formula to recover dryness

Bold Matte:

  • Has True Matte Coverage
  • Is Kiss Proof
  • Has High Payoff Premium Pigments
  • Is Comfortable to Wear
  • Protects the Lips from Dryness 

Hence with the master of culture colours, there are as mentioned earlier, 32 shades for the Lip-Expert range, with 16 matte and 16 shine, from versatile and democratic nudes to glamorous reds and deep burgundies, with bold pinks and oranges in between.

In addition, there are also four shades matching in both finishes as well, which is Vintage Nude, Rosy Kiss, Red Shot and My Red, so you can alternate them in either in Bold Matte or Vinyl Shine.

In the meantime, retailing at RM155 for all 32 shades (Shine: 3g | Matte: 4ml), the range is now available at all Kensapothecary boutiques. So if you would like to know more about the Lip-Expert in both its Shine and Matte formulation, you can always follow Kensapothecary on their Official Facebook Page and Website for more information.

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