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Effective Ways to Genuinely Say You're Sorry

Life can be strange, a never-ending chain of occurrences, as our lives entwine with others and that can sometimes lead to a problem. It might be spilling your coffee on her tablet, or worse, denting her car, or even forgetting her birthday (perish the thought!). When you really have messed up, you need to find a gift that will have the desired effect, which is to demonstrate the depths of your sorrow regarding the unfortunate incident. Here are a few ideas for that perfect gift to show just how sorry you are.

A Needy Gift 

If you can nail something that she really needs, then you are onto a winner by appealing to her practical side, and when she realises what you have given her, she will forget all about the recent past and the slight ripple will dissipate into nothing. If she loves to sit on the beanbag with her tablet or laptop, why not get her one of those frame tables that can be adjusted into a million different positions? Of course, if her smartphone has seen better days, then you have the perfect gift that she will love, and the more she loves the gift, the less she’ll be thinking about the incident. Check out some smartphone reviews if you wish to have a look at what people say about various brands.


Every single woman alive absolutely loves fine jewellery and you do know her tastes. This might be a bit more than you wanted to spend, but she is the love of your life, after all. You can order from an online jeweller and make the gift a nice surprise, and with express delivery, you could have your gift on the same day you made the purchase. Choose wisely and its mission accomplished.

A Bouquet of her Favourite Flowers

It’s great that you know her so well, whether she loves red roses or carnations. Once you’ve decided, simply search online for a flower delivery Brazil service, for example, as they would have an extensive catalogue of floral arrangements. Don’t  forget some sweet words on the card and whatever it was that you did, will fade from her mind when she receives the bouquet.

Surprise Dinner 

There's no better way to take her mind off the incident than to treat her to a nice candlelit dinner in her favourite restaurant. Order the chilled champagne and take a small bouquet of flowers along and she will have a great evening, and everything will be forgotten.

Take Her to a Show or Concert 

If her favourite band happen to be touring, that would make quite a gift, two tickets, of course, and you can make sure she has the time of her life. She may have an idol that she has yet to see live, and you could scratch that one from her bucket list, with a nice dinner after the show.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should radiate sincerity and remind her of how sorry you are, and time will heal things, as it always does.

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