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Jack' n Jill Cream-O celebrates 'Ekstra O-Some' Malaysians

As it is nearing Merdeka and Malaysia Day, JACK' n JILL Cream-O has dialled up the celebrations with a tribute to 'Ekstra O-Some' Malaysians who are our frontlines.

The tribute kicked off with a special surprise for delivery riders whose contributions have been essential in helping many Malaysians throughout the Movement Control Order.  For what seemed like 'business as usual' for the 100 FoodPanda delivery riders, they were greeted at their destinations with a Cream-O 'Ekstra O-Some' thank you and surprised to discover that the meal that they were delivering was intended for them.

Plus not only that but the delivery riders were also gifted with a Cream-O 'Ekstra O-Some' thank you kit which included packs of delectable Cream-O and a Bluetooth headset to help the delivery riders to go about their routines safely and efficiently.

Now the Cream-O 'Ekstra O-Some' tribute will be at its peak on Malaysia Day with a special thank you video, produced in collaboration with singer-songwriter Ismail Izzani. In addition, throughout August, JACK 'n Jill Cream-O is calling on all Malaysians to submit a creative appreciation photo which includes their thank you message for all frontlines in any language.

63 submissions will be then shortlisted and featured in the thank you video compilation which will be unveiled on the 16th of September 2020. Entries featured in the video will also receive limited edition memorabilia and an invitation to an exclusive E-meet with Ismail Izzani who is collaborating with Cream-O for this special tribute.
How To Participate:

  • Step 1: Purchase JACK 'n Jill Cream-O and/or Magic products worth RM5 in a single receipt.
  • Step 2: WhatsApp your receipt with <name>, <MyKad No> and your photo with a tank you message for our frontlines.
  • Step 3: Answer the question and submit to +6011 5500 1878: Cream-O FREE 15% promotion pack is available in 4 variants - Yes/No ?

Also, in celebration of Merdeka and Malaysia Day, consumers will also enjoy an extra 15% in each pack of 132g and 120g Cream-O and Cream-O Tart too. In the meantime, you can check out their Instagram and Facebook Page for more details as well.

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