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The Right Approach: Not Exfoliating and 15 Other Hair Removal Mistakes to Avoid

Men and women have been removing unwanted hair for centuries and continue to do so today. Ancient Egyptians used pumice stones and tweezers to accomplish this task, and people have discovered several new methods since then that help with the removal of hair. Regardless of which method a person uses, however, men and women make certain mistakes again and again. How can a person avoid these mistakes while achieving the look they desire? 


  • Failing to Store Razors Correctly 
    • Men and women often leave their razor in the shower because it is convenient to do so. However, the constant exposure to moisture weakens and corrodes the blades. Remove the razor after each use before cleaning and drying it. Men and women should store the razor outside of the bathroom to increase its shelf life and save money. Of course, they can also make use of hard wax beads for hair removal to avoid having to store razors. 

  • Neglecting to Prep the Skin 
    • Men, when visiting a barbershop, enjoy the hot towel the barber places over their faces before shaving them. Men should do this at home to soften the hairs before shaving, as this allows a closer shave. Women find they can do the same when they wish to remove body hair and want to do so outside of their shower or bath. Don’t use cold water for this task because it makes it difficult for shaving cream to penetrate the skin, and this makes it less effective. 

  • Forgetting to Exfoliate First 
    • Women and men need to exfoliate their skin before waxing or shaving. Doing so provides smoother results, which they are sure to appreciate. Furthermore, exfoliating helps stop ingrown hairs that can become infected and require medical treatment. 

  • Shaving in the Wrong Direction 
    • People should always shave in the same direction their hair grows. When a person shaves against the grain, irritation occurs. This boosts the chances of unsightly razor bumps. 

  • Shaving the Legs in the Morning
    •  Women need to shave their legs at night. When a person sleeps, the legs often swell. This prevents a close shave. Begin shaving at night to see how much smoother the skin feels. 

  • Reusing Razors for Months 
    • People often forget to purchase razors and use an old one, hoping to get a close shave. Doing so rarely happens when they use a dull blade, which is why men and women should always reach for a fresh blade to get the best results. Never use a disposable razor over four times. The easiest way to always have a fresh blade available is to purchase razors in bulk. Look for deals on bulk razors at warehouse stores and online retailers.  


  • Waxing During The Time Of The Month
    • Women often state they feel discomfort when they choose to have their body hair waxed around their period. It’s best to avoid having this task done right before, during, or after a period. The waxing becomes more painful at these times because of fluctuations in hormones. Try to schedule waxing appointments mid-cycle to avoid this issue. 

  • Using Accutane 
    • Some men and women take Accutane when prescribed by a doctor. However, take care when having body hair removed by waxing when using this medicine. It makes the skin more sensitive and fragile, and the wax could remove some skin. It’s best to stop the use of this medication seven days before the wax appointment. For those who can’t discontinue their use of Accutane and those who choose not to, select other hair removal methods. 

  • Failing to Use Sunscreen 
    • Waxing makes the skin more susceptible to skin damage and can even bring about hyperpigmentation or skin burns. Use a sunscreen that is hypoallergenic and gentle. Make certain it features an SPF of 15 or higher and always wear it when you are going outdoors. Use the sunscreen throughout the year because the sun can bring about this damage regardless of the time of year. 

  • Exfoliating Too Soon After a Wax 
    • Never exfoliate the skin right after a wax. Wait a minimum of 48 hours before exfoliating. People who do so before this period has passed find it to be painful and their skin becomes red and irritated. 

Laser Hair Removal 

  • Expecting Better Results 
    • Laser hair removal doesn’t permanently remove all hair from the treated area, but many people continue to believe that it does. In fact, companies advertise this service as a permanent solution to unwanted hair. While it does significantly reduce the amount of hair in the treated area, clients often feed they need occasional touch-ups to maintain the results. 

  • Using the Wrong Device 
    • Laser hair removal only works for certain people, and the device used to carry out the service plays a role in how successful it is. Women and men with darker skin colors and gray, red, or blonde hair need to avoid devices making use of diode laser technology, as they don’t provide the expected results. However, people don’t have to give up on having laser hair removal if they fall into one of these categories. Certain IPL machines work for any skin type, so talk with the provider to learn which device they will use and why. 

  • Failing to Shave Before a Treatment  
    • Men and women need to shave before a laser hair removal treatment. Doing so ensures the heat from the laser will fully penetrate the hair shaft and destroy the hair follicle. Additionally, a failure to shave could lead to a more painful treatment, so never skip this step. 

  • Having the Work Done In-Office 
    • Countless women and men choose to visit an office for laser hair removal. Each visit runs anywhere from $200 to $500, and permanent results require multiple visits. Home laser hair removal remains a viable option that is significantly cheaper. 

  • Forgetting After Care 
    • Skin is extra sensitive following treatments, and it also becomes more susceptible to damage. Men and women need to wear sunscreen to avoid hyperpigmentation. Avoid hot showers, saunas, and steam rooms for at least two days following a treatment to give the skin time to heal. 

Avoid these mistakes when removing body hair. Doing so makes the entire process easier, and it will much appreciated.

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