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A brand with a purpose | Smateria Review + Giveaway!

I have always had a deep appreciation for upcyling and repurposing products, because not only does it breathe new life into materials, but it also minimises wastage and gives the product a new purpose. Now a lot of you know that I also practice this aspect quite a bit in my home as well, which is why when I first heard about Smateria, I was literally all smiles for I was actually very delighted to be coming across more brands that were doing these ethical practices.

So what Is Smateria and What Do They Do?

Hence like the header stated, what exactly is Smateria and what do they do? Well to put it simply, Smateria is a sustainable brand that uses upcycled materials to make high-quality handmade bags and accessories in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is a fashion brand that is women-owned and has been operating since 2006 by Jennifer Morellato and Elisa Lion who both share passions for creativity, business and sustainability. Plus what I especially love from this is that the name Smateria also means to transform a material and give it new life, which for a brand is an amazing message on whole.

Smateria Commitments To Know About:

  • Challenge Conventional Sustainability and Employment Practices to provide a positive work environments. Smateria is also committed to providing high level training to all employees and better working conditions and opportunities for all.

  • Smateria offers Free Childcare and Education for early childhood education in Cambodia to all their employees. (both mother and father)

  • 80% of Smateria's employees are women and the brand ensures that all staff have equal opportunities to grow and develop within their roles. They are also given a paid holiday leave each year to see their families and have a healthy work-life balance.

So with that, let's talk about their collection of bags for a minute. Now if you go to their website, you can see that their range is pretty vast, and each accessory and bag on the site is ethically made using unconventional materials. In addition, their bag designs are also contemporary, vegan and fun, plus each one of them are also functional and stylish in their own way as well.

Smateria SOTHY Laptop Sleeve in Silver | Available in 2 Sizes

So the first one that you see above here is called Sothy. It is a laptop sleeve in the shade silver that is curated out of nylon nettings and has one pocket with a zipper outside. There are 2 sizes to this; a size M at USD36 and a size L which is the one you see above at USD40. The laptop sleeve is super lightweight which is really nice to carry around and it is very easy to maintain too which is always a good thing.

Also, another thing that I have taken notice with this piece upon use, is that while it is light, the material is really durable and the zip opens up quite easily and flexibly too. 

Now this might be a small thing to note for some, but it is quite an important aspect for me, especially when it comes to laptop sleeves. This is due to the fact that if the zip or material is too stiff, it would be harder for you to open it, let alone slide the laptop in; and if that's the case, chances are you would tend to get small scratches on it, which I have personally experienced before, so it's always a good thing to take note of. However, this aspect doesn't apply to this piece, so I have really been enjoying using it on the daily.

Smateria Amelia Diva Bag | Available in 2 Colors

This next one is probably my favourite of the lot and it is called the Amelia bag from Smateria's Diva collection. This particular piece does come in 2 shades too; which is the one in white like the above and the other in black. Plus the special thing about it lays in its design, for it is made out of leather offcuts and is handmade as well.

Now the Amelia bag originally retails at USD55, but as Smateria is currently having their Summer Sales (which I will be listing the link for this below), it is now only going at USD35, which is really great. I should also mention that this bag is rather multi-functional as well as it has a removable strap for you to adjust it from the shoulder to a belt; plus not only that, you can also turn it into a clutch for daily use which is fantastic too.

As for the details on Smateria's Summer Sales, you can kindly locate it via this link. Do however keep in mind that this sale will only be on for a limited time only and would be applicable on selected styles on the site. As for how long it would be around, it will only be valid till the end of September 2020.

Pen My Blog X Smateria Giveaway!

Now as Smateria holds core values that I truly admire and appreciate in a brand, we have thus decided to come together to host this amazing giveaway to our readers where one of you will get to win the brand's latest bag design which is their Ava bag from their Net Collection range.

This beautiful crossbody piece retails at USD68 and comes in the color red at a size of L24 x H19 x W7cm. It has a pocket with a zipper within and has a snap hook for keys too which is rather unique. Plus like most Smateria bags, it is multipurpose too and thus has an adjustable and removable shoulder strap that would be suitable to any outing.

So how can you win this amazing piece you ask? Well we have listed the full mechanics below for reference, so have a read through and join in the fun! After all, supporting sustainable and ethical  brands is what its all about, so for further details on Smateria and their collection, you can also check them out on their Official Website and Instagram well.

  • Follow Smateria & Pen My Blog on Instagram.

  • Make sure you are follower of this website (If you are not, you can scroll down and find it located on the right hand side of this site)

  • Leave a creative comment in the comment section below on why you would like to win this amazing piece from Smateria. Comment "Done!" and do also include your IG handle and the Name that you have followed on this site so we know you have participated.

  • And that's it you are done!
Also, please do keep in mind that this giveaway is only open to Malaysian residents and that the duration of this giveaway will be ongoing from today till the 24th of September 2020. In addition, do ensure that all your profiles are public so that we can check,  and of course, don't forget to have fun with it as well. Best of luck you guys!


  1. Love the bag so much. look vintage but at the same time look modern and trendy. would love to win this giveaway and get this beautiful beg :)

  2. This bag is amazing πŸ™ŒπŸ» The size of compartment in the bags is suitable for any ocassion. These bags are also fashionably astonishing. It is also suitable for every age and would rock every outfit. The colour of this bag is very nice and different from what I normally see which makes me want one for sure. Not to mention the pretty design is so beautiful πŸ’— (aisy4tul)

  3. To be honest this is my first time seeing this type of bag and it's different than the others and it looks unic tho (。・Ο‰・。)οΎ‰♡

  4. First of all, I’m so impressed with Smateria because their products and ideas to reduce waste at the same time to save the planet. I’m the person who love and support eco-friendly materials. Well, personally this Ava bag is an exquisitely re-fashioned crossbody bag has been beautifully crafted by handmade with gently re-purposed and upcycled items. This handbag is the perfect style for any occasions or evenings out and it is perfect gift as a treat for myself because this month is my birthday! Furthermore, by having this bag with the high quality materials itself it gives me such a good vibes and also as reminder/message the uniquely of it and give a sentimental value that I really appreciate it especially for those who contribute their effort and expertise behinds this brand. It’s so amazing and thoughtful.
    Ig: xaxaaxra

  5. "It isn't enough just looking for the quality in the products we buy. We must ensure that there is quality in the lives of the people who makes them." - Orsola De Castro. I have always been an avid believer of ethics and social responsibility when it comes to choosing what I wear and use. The power that each of us hold in our hands is fundamental in creating a safer, better world for the present and future women and children all around the globe. Hence, I fell in love as soon as I read about Smateria and what they firmly believe in. We are often plagued with news and articles on how millions of women and children are exploited with their hopes and dreams for the future stripped away from them, while consumers happily dote about how beautiful the diamonds, branded dress and bags they are wearing without even giving much thought about who and how they were made. "There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness." - Mahatma Gandhi. The fact that Smateria turns wastes and upcycled them into eco-friendly, unconventional and high quality bags and accessories is what seal the bag for me! They do not even sacrifice the chic for ethics, instead, they redefine ethics into being effortlessly chic! ♥ There's an ancient Indian proverbs that goes, "we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children". It is definitely a thought provoking way of thinking about how the actions we made today will define the consequences of tomorrow, and Smateria is definitely doing an excellent job of setting an example of even the smallest action can cause a ripple in what will happen in the future. Plus, look at the bag! Its a unique fashion statement that can cater to every ocassion! Ethics+ Sustainable fashion? Sign me up! It would be an honor to win this beautiful bag and to be able to wear them will just put the icing on the cake ♥
    ig : edna.evangeline

  6. I love Smateria brand because Smateria works completely fair trade and with repurposed materials. Smateria bags and accessories are made from recycled, upcycled and repurposed materials. Smateria bags are made of high quality. I personally love and support eco-friendly materials. It's a win-win situation where we can be fashionable and save our earth at the same time. I'm simply amazed that such materials can transform into something so magical and great. Ava Bag is definitely an eye catcher. My jaws literally drop when I first look at this Ava Bag. There is snap hook attached to Ava Bag for hanging our keys. It has an djustable and removable shoulder strap. This bag comes with a strap made from a similar colour zip. I'm glad that Shiv supports Smateria (sustainable and ethical brand) so much. I love how Shiv promotes Smateria in PenMyBlog. It is very meaningful. I truly adore Ava Bag and I hope to own such lovely Ava Bag. It would be a great gift to reward myself after going through a few months of hardship. But still, I never give up to live a better life. Ig username: ah_jaynee

  7. Ever since I watched The True Cost documentary about fashion, I have been aware of the brands that make our bags, clothes and accessories have fair wages and environmentally safe working conditions. When I’m doing my shopping for a new bag to buy, I will always make sure the brand thinks about their products and how they are created: ideally, I’d like a bag that is stylish and ethically made with as little waste as possible. I also think about cost-per-wear as I’m a big fan of investing in high-quality, ethically made pieces that I can keep forever. I'm glad that Smateria makes a conscious effort to adapt environmentally-friendly and sustainability practices, largely in part to minimize wastage, save costs, do their part in saving the earth, to providing excellent working conditions for employees, to hopefully pass down the practice to the consumers and most importantly, give the product a new purpose. Smateria has mastered the philosophy of timeless elegance and future-forward fashion. Smateria bags come in pretty styles, too. Smateria combines a love of nature with passion for statement pieces. I truly love the thoughtful attention to the materials used and how the bags are produced. If anyone of you want to use eco-friendly bags every day, you can opt to purchase thoughtfully-designed ones to bode well with your everyday outfits. Eco-friendly bags come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, so you have lots of options to choose from. Resolving to a have a more eco-friendly lifestyle is no longer just a trend — it's a responsibility, mainly our responsibility. Eco-friendly bags are stronger and more durable than conventional plastic bags. They're also much more comfortable to carry. I'm sure this stunning Ava Bag is designed for comfort, so we won't have trouble holding them for extended periods. Their handles are typically sturdy and don't have sharp edges that put pressure on your hands or shoulders. Even if we stuff them to the brim with stuff, Smateria bags' ergonomic handles will still allow us to carry them comfortably. Smateria Ava Bag is perfect for days on-the-go. Smateria bags are indeed one of a kind. Ai WeiWei once said, "A small act is worth a million thoughts". Let us all stop using plastic bags. I mean, if you want to make a statement and be sustainable at the same time, then this brand will be right up your street. Smateria bags are simply stunning and fashionable. It's definitely a win-win situation. Let’s all look to be more intentional, sustainable, and live by “fewer, better.” ig:marywong570


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