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BiO-LiFE® reVitiz Results & Overall Review

Alright you guys, it has been a full 3 month since I first started out with BiO-LiFE® reVitiz and if you all have read through the last post (which I will link here), you would know that the product is in summary, a health supplement from BiO-LIFE that has a 4-in 1 formulation of essential nutrients to help revitalise and strengthen the strands from within. 

The Results of BiO-LiFE® reVitiz

Now as most of you know, I colour my hair quite often, and with this, there would definitely be a need for proper care to maintain the strands. Of course the usual would be investing in good haircare products but another would be taking the correct supplements to help maintain the hair's strength, shine and regrowth as well.

The Before | First Week In

So before we kick off with the results, let's take a look at the before. Now the visuals shown in the above was my hair's past state; which was basically the 1st week in. I had only been taking the supplements for about 5 days then and as you can see, my hairline was pretty much thinned back. I have always been a little insecure with this aspect of my hair and it was also mainly the reason why I always try not to tie my hair too tightly at the back, just to ensure that the strands would not be too stressed and break.

The After | 3 Months In

However after 3 months in of taking BiO-LiFE® reVitiz, I am pretty sure that you guys can see the difference in the hairline, because you guys, the amount of regrowth that and improvement I saw here was more than enough to make me so tremendously happy.

Plus not only that, but the amount of natural shine and bounce that my strands had after taking BiO-LiFE® reVitiz also landed me quite a few compliments from friends and family, and after awhile, I realised that while my hair back then was nice in its own way, it did lack a bit of luster which the supplement had managed to curb as well. Plus with the regrowth, I felt that my hair had a bit more volume  to it than before and it looked very healthy too.

Additionally, if you struggle with hair-fall, you may want to give BiO-LiFE® reVitiz a go-because for me, one of the very first things I noticed by taking the supplement (this was within the 1st month itself) is that my hair fall became less and less as the days went by. I am usually the type to comb through my strands pretty often during the day, so it became pretty apparent to me that my strands were getting stronger and not breaking as often as before.

On overall, I am tremendously happy with BiO-LiFE® reVitiz and I will definitely be making a repurchase of it, because the amount of improvement that I have seen in my strands is more than enough to know that this product works. Plus it is halal certified and a box of 30 capsules can last for over a month, so why not? 

Additionally, what I like about it is its price-point as well, because having tried other brands that can go well over the RM100+ mark (supplements are not cheap you guys), this one only goes for RM64.90, so its pretty affordable.

So if you would like to know more details, you can check out BiO-LiFe Malaysia's Official Website and Facebook Page. Additionally, it the product is available at all leading pharmacies nationwide, including Aeon Wellness, Caring, Guardian, Watsons and other local pharmacies; plus to keep up with updates, you can also follow them on their Official Instagram handle as well.

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