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Jack 'N Jill Cloud 9 'Bite-Tarik-Senyum' Movement

In these trying times, sometimes a simple gesture goes a long way and thus with the aim of lifting spirits to reassuring others, JACK 'n JILL Cloud 9 marks World Smiles Day today on the 2nd of October 2020 with a movement to share smiles across Malaysia. 

Now Cloud 9 Chocolate is known for its signature rich caramel filing and the combination to both chocolate and caramel pull always leaves a feel good smile on anyone's faces. So now available in an all new, updated packaging, Cloud 9 chocolate invites all Malaysians to post photos of their best feel good 'senyum' on social media with the hashtag #jomchocotarik. 

Through this movement, Cloud 9 hopes to accumulate 999 smiles with it and gift more smiles with a RM5,000 donation to the Cleft Lip & Palate Association Malaysia (CLAPAM), which is a not-for-profit support organisation that aids, advises and counsels parents and families of individuals born with cleft lip and palate. Additionally, 30 consumers with the most creative smiles will also receive a special 'Bite-Tarik-Senyum' goodie bag from Cloud 9.

Thus now packaged with a brand new look, Cloud 9's classic chocolates are a beloved treat filled with golden brown roasted peanuts, luscious caramel that offers a signature pull and gooey soft nougat, all coated in rich chocolate. Also available in 4 other variants; which are in Plus, Fruit & Nut, Overload and Crispies, each bite of Cloud 9 chocolate bar promises and unforgettable 'Bite-Tarik-Senyum' experience.

In the meantime, for more details you can follow Cloud 9's Facebook Page and Instagram handle for more updates.

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