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Going Beyond Scentz | A Selection of Luxury, Affordable Fragrances Made With Love


This holiday season, many of us are looking forward to the upcoming festivities of merriment with our families and loved ones; and even though the CMCO period is still in place, Christmas preparations are already well underway. However as goes the new norm, many of us are discovering new things by shopping online and for this Holiday season 2020, we would like to introduce to you all Beyond Scentz, which is an exclusive fragrance brand that offers a range of luxury fragrances at an affordable price.

The Founder & How It All Began

Now Beyond Scentz was launched in August 2020 and was founded by Afiq Zulkarnaen Idris, who at first, had his sights set on being a pilot, so he hence joined a Cadet Pilot Programme to begin his journey. Unfortunately when the pandemic hit, his pilot training programme was then halted and thus with his plan to fly the skies became limited, Afiq then set his sights to conquer the air in a different way; which was to put what he loved; which was luxury, quality fragrances that were created and blended by experienced perfumers in Europe (or more specifically in France,Switzerland and the UK) available for those here who would love and enjoy them as much as he did.

So presently, Beyond Scentz has 8 different EDP fragrances to cater to the masses; all of which we have tried on our end and have absolutely loved (they are also halal and lasts quite a long while too). It is also good to note that each of these are also inspired by nature and cater to both men and women, but of the range, their latest launch is VIP & Eternite (this one is a unisex fragrance) have a more exquisite and deeper tone to them. Eternite especially has a very unique scent to it and it actually kind of reminded us of a back in the day Ralph Lauren perfume which we really loved. The fragrance for this was also very refined and elegant and reminded us to that old time glamor as well.

Additionally, Beyond Scentz is also compliance to regulatory standards as their products are packed in Malaysia and are of high quality which is on par with high street brands too. Additionally due to the pandemic, the brand has also launched a fragrance sanitiser as well which is currently available in 1 scent, however more will be upcoming soon, so you can definitely check the brand out for updates on their Facebook Page in the meantime.
The 8 Fragrances: Available in 3 sizes at 10ml, 15ml and 30ml | Price Range: RM70- RM130

  • Sweet Fruity
  • Sweet Roses 
  • Floral Bouquet
  • Citrus Wood
  • VIP 
  • Midnight rose 
  • Eternite
  • Fragranced Sanitiser at 60ml at RM10 | made with 75% Denatured Alcohol as part of COVID-19 prevention too.

The Range of Fragrances, Retail & Details

So for this first one that you see here, is the scent called Sweet Fruity by Beyond Scentz in 30ml. Like its name states, it is a rather fresh fragrance that has a touch of fruity notes to it and the scent in itself is quite pleasing and lasts around 6-7 hours on the skin without any reapplication. Additionally, it is good to note that this is more of a women's fragrance as well as it does not have much of an overpowering scent which can sometimes put some people off, but instead has a much more gentle and delicate tone, which is really quite pleasant to have it on throughout the day.

Next we have this beauty which is called Sweet Roses and we have to say that the packaging on this is quite exquisite because while it is not the usual open bottle spray, this 15ml tube has a more of a twist and turn affect, which is great to use not only upon travel, but also to keep the fragrance inside safe from accidentally spilling out. The scent on this is really nice as well and as far as rose fragrances go, its floral scent feels very luxurious upon spraying it on. The fragrance mist here is quite fine too and we also find this scent very suitable for night time events as well.

Now let's move on to the 10ml versions because these ladies and gents,  are the cutest little things of them all. Now the two scents above that we have here are more of a floral fragrance but the difference is that Floral Bouquet has a more lighter lingering scent while Citrus Wood serves a more musky tone.

As for these three above, each of of these are definitely much stronger in scent than the two above; and in terms to  deeper tones, VIP and Aromatic Wood wins hands down because their fragrance are a bit more on the woody and muskier side. As for Midnight Rose however, this one resonates a more mysterious yet elegant night time glamor which is so incredibly nice but all in all with the three selections above, these are certainly more suitable to those who enjoy a more matured scent.

Now as most of you know, we are quite selective when it comes to the selection of fragrances on our site, but in terms to this range from Beyond Scentz, we have to say that we are pleasantly surprised. Each of these are very elegant scents and what's more impressive is that they are very long-lasting on the skin too, to a point that there is in near to no need of reapplication (some more with our weather too, so bonus points to that.)

There will also be an upcoming giveaway hosted on our Instagram page at @penmyblog, so check it out soon.

On overall, these selection of fragrances have impressed us greatly so if you would like to know more about Beyond Scentz and their range of fragrances, you can give them a follow on their Official Instagram Page and check them out on their Website and Twitter too. 

Additionally, there is currently a special promotion for December for upon each purchase amounting to RM100, a bottle of fragranced sanitiser will be given FOC. Not only that, but the brand will also be having a special gift wrapping service for those who purchase for Christmas as well as special occasions too. Plus, we will also be hosting a giveaway for you guys to try out their amazing scents on Instagram at @penmyblog as well, so definitely stay tuned for that. 

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