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Huxley Secret of Sahara Range Review

Lately when it comes to skincare, I have been having a fondness for k-beauty brands; partly because most of what I have tried has fared really well on the skin, and the effectiveness of the products in the long run has made my textures more smoother and better than before.

So when Korean skincare brand Huxley came into the mix, I was definitely very intrigued by it. Plus seeing that I have been hearing over the grapevine that a few of their products; especially the Secret of Sahara Anti-Gravity Cream has been absolutely splendid as well, I was certainly very interested to see what the hype for the range was going to be all about.

Huxley | Secret Of Sahara

So within this Secret of Sahara range, there are four skincare products here that we are going to be talking about. The first is their Toner: Extract It, next the Anti-Gravity Cream, and then we have the Sweet Therapy Scrub Mask and finally we have the Secret of Sahara Oil Essence. Now I have given a go at all 4 of these products for a good month already, so I will be breaking down the products one by one for you guys below to have a look on how they fared.

Huxley Secret of Sahara | Toner: Extract It (Retails at RM89.79 for 120ml)

First off, you have to give it to Huxley for being very on point in their branding. The minimalistic aesthetic, luxurious packaging coupled up with soft pastels - I mean, this just hits right on the mark. However putting that aside, let's discuss the range's formulation & effectiveness because after all, that is what it is all about right? 


So getting right into it, let's begin with the Huxley Extract It Toner, because this one has over 90% naturally derived ingredients that provides great moisture to the skin. It is also gentle and doesn't irritate it, however it is good to note that there is a scent to it, but is more on a herbal and fresh tone which is pretty nice. As for the texture, it feels exactly like water and absorbs into the skin really fast which is great; but do take note that this toner is high in moisture, so this product would be great for the skin especially during those super dry months. Additionally, while RM80+ might be a little steep for a toner, keep in mind that you do get over 120ml worth of product which can last you for over 10-12 months, which is such a good bang for your buck.

Huxley Secret of Sahara | Cream: Anti-Gravity (Retails at RM149.76 for 50ml)


This next one however is hands down my absolute favourite from the range and this is the Secret of Sahara Cream: Anti-Gravity. Now as mentioned above, this was the main product from Huxley that got me pulled to the brand because so many people were hyping over its effectiveness for dry skin. However if you have combination or oily- no worries, you can use this too; but probably sparingly like once or twice a week because this cream is pretty rich. It is however good for dry or ageing skin and the scent for this is quite nice too- sort of like a spa-herbal like fragrance as well.

Now the texture for this cream reminds me of a whipped cream consistency, but probably a more structured and denser version of it. It does apply very smoothly and melts into the skin which is just lovely, and after use- my skin feels super plumped, well moisturised and smooth, like how it would feel like coming back from a good facial. On overall, this is a superb product, and a repurchase of it would definitely be in my books.

Huxley Secret of Sahara | Scrub Mask: Sweet Therapy (Retails at RM85 for 120g)

As for the Sweet Therapy Scrub Mask, the consistency for this one is a little bit thicker than most scrubs but the scent of it is consistent with the range and has a herbal fragrance which smells really nice. However I do think this is more suited towards oily and combination skin types as it is not as moisturising as I would have liked, but it does do the job in exfoliating the skin well to remove dead skin cells for a more even complexion; and the best part is that you would only need a pea-sized amount for the whole face (Use for around 10-15 minutes), which means this product at 120g would last you a really long time.

Huxley Secret of Sahara | Oil Essence: Essence-Like, Oil Like (Retails at RM112.79 for 30ml)

As for this final one which is the Oil-Essence: Essence- Like, Oil Like, this product is also a best seller from Huxley that is targeted towards those who have dry skin. It is said to be a new type of oil essence that is developed with the optimal formulation of oil & essence and provides the skin with a fresh and smooth finish while keeping the skin refreshed and hydrated all day long.

It is also good to note that this product comes with a dropper which is great because not only will you be able to be precise with just how much of the formulation you would need, but also in terms of hygienic purposes as well. The texture for this has more of a milky formulation but feels very lightweight on the skin. It absorbs pretty quickly too and doesn't have a sticky feel to it which is nice, and it leaves the skin feeling really smooth and hydrated after application.

On overall, this one shows very promising results because my skin and overall complexion looks more radiant after a whole month of use, but the only thing I would probably say is that if you are using it consistently, one bottle would only last you for about a month or at maximum two if used sparingly. However I can understand why this product is a must-have from Huxley, so if you are looking for a essence that can brighten, hydrate and provide radiance to your overall complexion, this would be the one to aim for.

In conclusion to the range and its overall usage, I have to say that Huxley has impressed me greatly. For from its packaging, products, formulation and effectiveness, everything was pretty much on point. Now you can take a look at its range of products over on Shopee, but I would recommend going for the products that would be more suited towards your own personal skin type, because understandably everybody has a preference and you would also want to select the products from a range that would work well for your skin type. 

But so far of what I have seen and tried in total, the results that I received from this range have definitely made me an avid user of the brand (yes I have even switched up my daily skincare routine to this), so if you ever do come across their products, definitely do give it a try. In the meantime, if you would like to know more details of the brand, updates or even new product releases, you can check them out on their Official Instagram Page for further details.

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