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Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Aromatherapy Gift Box Review

It has been a very trying year for most of us in 2020, and many of us are thus facing restless nights due to working endlessly from home or even from worries that crop up in the middle of the night. Needless to say it has been a very stressful few months, and the lack of sleep because of it or even its quality has undoubtedly been compromised which of course is a growing concern.

However at times like these, it is always important to remember to care for your well-being first and one of the ways to do that; whether its putting your mind or self at ease would be aromatherapy. This has personally been found to be very helpful and it actually also assists in de-stressing the mind after a long day too.

Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Aromatherapy Gift Box

Now having tried a few aromatherapy sets in the past, we have to say this set from Plant Origins makes our Top 3 for sure. The set in itself is valued at RM600 and inside you have an entire multi-purpose aromatheraphy bundle kit which we will list its contents down below. Additionally, not only that, but all of this is currently retailing at RM150 which to us is such a steal because from its scents to its products; everything in it is just really good.

  • Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Box
  • Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Room Spray (100ml)
  • Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Essential Oil Blend (10ml)
  • Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Essential Oil Roller (10ml)
  • Plant Origins Portable Diffuser
  • Plant Origins Silk Sleep Mask

Now we are going to break the products down one by one for easier reference, so let's begin with the Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Room Spray. Now we personally really enjoyed this one and there is a nice blend of lavender in it too, so if you are looking to have a peaceful night's sleep, this would be the product to spray on the top of your pillows before you turn in for the night. Smells great, gets you relaxed and more importantly makes you sleep well into the night.

Next we have the Plant Origins Essential Oil Roller. This one we have to say depends on users preference as most would prefer a spray on application as opposed to roller oils. However the scent on this is really nice and is great to use if you are feeling a bit stressed out during the day. It makes you feel calm & relaxed; and at the end of the day, that is the takeaway that matters most.

In terms to the sleeping mask, we have to say we really liked this one as most of what we have used in the past have been a little harsh on the skin. This sleeping mask was really soft to the touch and even upon covering the eyes, it was very delicate and gentle, so this one deserves a two thumbs up on our end.

Now for the main focus of the set; the Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Essential Oil Blend and the Portable Diffuser. First off, this pairing is a great duo and the diffuser is pretty durable as well. You can fit a cup size of water within and it also gives the option of how long you would like the diffuser to be activated for (it can go on for 30 mins, 60 mins, 120 minutes and 180 minutes), along with option to change its colors too.

As for the scent, this Essential Oil Blend definitely made us sleep better when paired with the diffuser and it was really relaxing too. Plus since it is the season of gifting, this duo would be a perfect present for loved ones as well. 

Additionally, Plant Origins has their Aromatherapy Room Spray Trial Git Box as well that is going for RM35 (original price is at RM70), and this one has a selection of 5 well curated room sprays that would sync well according to different moods. It is also good to note that they are made with 100% pure essential oils, so you can definitely note that all the benefits are there within the product too.

All in all, we have to say that these gift sets are just perfect for the holiday season, so if you would like to know more or make a purchase of them for your loved ones, then head on over to Signature Market's Official Online store to take a look. 

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