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Fanbo releases its brand new skincare line

 Having spoken about Fanbo's cosmetic line late last year (you can find the link here), we are quite familiar with the brand's best-selling product which is its Pancake Powder. Designed to suit all skin types, it comes in a range of colours, and the best part is that it is also suitable to warm climates too as its main focus is to absorb excess oils on the face while making makeup last longer.

Now seeing as most of us are at home nowadays, one of the main things that we have been focusing on is skincare. Thus this is where Fanbo cosmetics comes in as its latest skincare range uses Sakura extract to freshen and brighten up the skin; while removing impurities and making it stay well moisturised at the same time.

Sakura Precious White Range:

Now a little breakdown into this new skincare range from Fanbo Cosmetics is that first, it has the 4 main products which are its milk cleansing, facial foam, toner and moisturiser.

Each of these have a light consistency and are quite nice to use, plus it removes dirt and impurities pretty effectively without causing any form of irritation which is great. Post-use is also good as it didn't leave the skin feeling dry as well.

Fanbo Pancake Powder:

As for the pancake powder, the full breakdown of our review can be found here, but the main aspects you would need to know that it is a very nice, finely milled pressed powder that gives the skin a flawless look. It sets makeup very well and it lasts throughout the day with minimal touchup as well.

Now seeing as we thoroughly have enjoyed the Fanbo Pancake Powder, we have to say that our feeling is mutual with its Sakura Precious White range. Both are really good product ranges and considering the price points, they are definitely worth trying. Currently, both ranges are available at Shopee at Fanbo's Official Online Store, along with a few other outlets which is linked here, so if you would like to check it out, definitely go in and have a look. In the meantime for further details, you can always find out more at their Official Website too.

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