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Looking to Embrace the Bohemian Style? This Will Get You Started

Credits: Nataliya Vaitkevich

Who does not love the bohemian look? It is a timeless trend that has been popular for many years and will likely remain popular for many to come. If a person wants to embrace the style, there are many styles and techniques to choose from. The following will explain the basics of the bohemian image. 

Tops and Blouses:

There are a vast number of options to choose from when considering a top. This style top can be found at a resale store, garage sales, or Jayli has bohemian clothes. A few examples of tops and blouses in the bohemian style are as follows: 

  • Tshirts. T Shirts are timeless. The significant difference is how they are designed. In this situation, the t-shirt will need to look vintage. Graphic tees with bands from the era are perfect. Another option for the t-shirt is probably the most thought of bohemian style: tie-dye. Tie-dye can be a do-it-yourself budget-friendly project that screams bohemian style. 
  • Peasant Blouse. These lightweight and flowy shirts are both comfortable and stylish. They can be paired with jeans, shorts, or skirts. By adding some embroidery flowers, it will utterly flow into this style.  


The important thing to remember when looking for bottoms for this style is that the more vintage they look the better. The following are examples of the style of pants and shirts that most fit this style. 

  • Bell-bottom jeans. Bell bottom jeans are a staple for any bohemian style. The bigger the bell, the better. In the 1970s, these jeans were mainly worn in a low-rise fashion fitting along the hips, but high-rises can be worn. 
  • Skirts. Flowy linen skirts are a delight. These skirts are primarily worn long around the ankles. The peasant blouses are great to pair with them or a suede vest or a combination of them.  

Credits: EVG Culture


Outerwear is necessary, even in the hot summer months. The best choices are explained here. 

  • Vests. Vests are a fun way to add a little something extra to an outfit. For these bohemian styles, most vests are suede, and may have fringe details. Adding pin buttons to it can take it to an everyday closet staple. 

  • Jackets. Much like the vest, these jackets are usually made of suede, but there are other choices. A vintage suit jacket is also a great choice. For women, the jackets are usually oversized. Distressed or vintage leather jackets are also popular for men and women.  


The best option for footwear is barefoot. However, for the times when shoes are required, here are the two best options. 

  • Sandal. Sandals are a staple for the bohemian lifestyle. Leather Jesus sandals are trendy. There are many patterns and materials for this type of shoe that can make it a fun do-it-yourself project. Thong flip flops also fit into the style. They are an inexpensive footwear solution and very comfortable. 

  • Moccasins. Nothing screams bohemian-like a pair of suede moccasins. Much like the sandals, there are many do-it-yourself patterns for this option. They can be low-top boots for the fall and spring or tall for the cold winter months. Adding some fringe will really take them up a level in the bohemian style. 

Credits: Karolina Grabowska

Regardless of the season, the bohemian style will always be fashionable. These pieces can be inexpensive and fun to wear, making them the perfect fashion statement for people of all ages. Bohemian styles are regarded comfort as essential to the lifestyle, so it is guaranteed that these pieces will be comfortable and free-spirited.

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