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Caudalie Paris launches its First Ever Gender-Neutral Line with Limitless Vitamin C+

Now when it comes to ingredient listing, Vitamin C is the number 1 most searched skincare ingredient. However, conventional Vitamin C, L-asorbic acid is highly unstable and can lose its effectiveness fast because it is sensitive to oxygen, temperature, pH and UV. Thus, the Caudalie Natural Formulation Laboratory therefore chose to stabilise it 4 times to protect and preserve it, hence calling it Vitamin C+.

Now Caudalie has selected one of the most stable versions of Vitamin C that is of 100% natural origin and thus provretains its action over time and provides guaranteed anti-fatigue power. This is also Caudalie's first gender neutral line, and restores energy and glow to tired skin. Additionally, it is fragrance free and is suitable for sensitive skin too.

The new Vinergetic C+ Vitamin C Energy Serum

This particular super light texture serum is applied in the morning and evening to the face and neck to instantly brighten and plump up the skin. It retails at RM210 for a 30ml product and has Caudalie's anti-fatigue trio of Vitamin C+ for radiance, Natural Hyaluronic Acid for replumping and Grapeseed Polyphenols for 100% antioxidant as well.

As this is Caudalie's first gender neutral line, this collection suits well for those who are looking for a range that assists tired and dull skin and with that, there are 4 products to highlight for it.

The Range:

  • Brightening Eye Cream | 15ml for RM150 : Reduces dark circles, smooths and moisturises the eye area.
  • Vitamin C Energy Serum | 30ml for RM210 : Instantly illuminates and rep lumps the skin for a fresh complexion.
  • 3 in 1 Vitamin C Energy Moisturiser | 40ml for RM175 : Brightens and hydrates the skin whilst protecting it against pollution.
  • Overnight Detox Oil | 30ml for RM190 : 5 precious oils that help regenerate stressed skin for a fresh looking complexion overnight.

In the meantime, for more details on the collection, do head on over to Caudalie's official page at Kensapothecary for further information.

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