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Sisley Paris Launches New Products for 2022

 Coming to you hot in February 2022 is Sisley Paris's latest releases of their makeup and haircare line. In terms of their makeup release, we have their Phyto Rouge Shine which is a vibrant tinted lipstick with a lustrous finish and a melt in feel that cares for lips for moisturising and plumping as well as their Phyto Le Cushion which has a pure bright finish with SPF 50+/PA++++ for a flawless completion and protected skin.

As for haircare, Sisley Paris has also launched their Hair Ritual Smoothing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo that gently cleanses, rebalances and purifies the scalp along with their Hair Rituel Soothing Rebalancing Cure that rebalances and soothes the scalp as well.

The Makeup Line | Available 1st February 2022

Sisley Paris Phyto- Rouge Shine:

Has an ultra-caring shaping formula for thoroughly moisturised lips thanks to the Adina Pavonica extract and the Hydrobooster complex that infuses lips with nourishing and moisturising active ingredients to care for them like a balm. Additionally, the Photo Rouge Shine also features refillable packaging, a first at Sisley. The bullet clicks in and out, first one color, then another.

Available in 12 alluring sheer colours that glide on and melt into the lips for a fresh and radiant look.

  • Nudes: 10 Sheer Nude, 11 Sheer Blossom and 12 Sheer Cocoa
  • Pinks: 20 Sheer Petal, 21 Sheer Rosewood, 22 Sheer Raspberry, 23 Sheer Flamingo
  • Oranges: 30 Sheer Coral, 31 Sheer Chili
  • Reds: 40 Sheer Cherry, 41 Sheer Red Love, 42 Sheer Cranberry

Sisley Paris Phyto- Blanc Le Cushion:

  • Provides enhanced buildable coverage and a boosted glow effect to correct and rebalance the skin's color harmony with the added benefit of portable and refillable packaging.
  • Gives immediate optimal makeup results and stays in place for 8 hours due to its texture and new coated pigment technology fusing with the skin.
  • Skin is evened out, protected and radiant thanks to a triple brightening, protective and moisturising skincare action.
  • Available in 5 new natural and luminous shades. There are 3 undertones (cool, neutral and warm), 3 levels of intensity from 00 to 1.

The Haircare Line 

Sisley Paris Smoothing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo:

  • Has a soothing formula enriched in Sage extract. The shampoo is the 1st step in the Soothing Anti-Dandruff Cue that treats underlying factors responsible for the appearance of dandruff and sensations of discomfort.
  • The anti-dandruff effect continues, even after completing treatment.
  • Cares for the fiber to help restore and strengthen hair while leaving it soft and soothes scalp irritation.
  • Protects the scalp from discomfort (hot sensations, itchiness and stinging)

A scalp treatment that is enriched with key plant-based ingredients to rebalance and soothe the scalp. 

The Cure is the 2nd step in the Soothing Rebalancing ritual. Using the Cure with the Soothing Rebalancing Shampoo helps restore balance to the scalp and the visible rebalancing effect may be seen and felt even after ending treatment.  

The no-rinse application gives the Intense Rebalancing Complex even more time to have an intense action. This helps boost the anti-recurrence action of Piroctone Olamine; the complex attaches and delivers its rebalancing action throughout the duration of the treatment. Persistence testing up to 3 months, obtained following use of the Soothing Rebalancing Shampoo in combination with the Soothing Rebalancing Cure. Hair appears visibly stronger with more body. 

In the meantime, all products will be available in February 2022 and for further details, you can head on over to Sisley Paris's Official Website for more information too.

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