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Fanbo's latest Acne Solution Collection

Our weather as of late has been rather hot and humid, and with that paired up with the consistent use of the masks as we go out and about; acne and breakouts have certainly been a cause for concern. 

So with that, Fanbo Cosmetics have recently introduced their brand new Acne Solution Series that is specially formulated with natural and active ingredients to assist in minimising breakouts for clear skin this Summer, so with that the collection consists of 5 products along with a full 5 step skincare routine as well.


The Products | Formulated with Tea Tree Oil, Hydragenic Solution, Silver Active, and Pro Vitamin B3

  • Fanbo Acne Solution Facial Foam | 100ml
    • Formulated with gentle, luxurious lather that's naturally anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. The formulation gently cleanses dirt and excessive sebum from clogged pores without leaving the skin tight or overly dry. It balances skin's moisture and oil level leaving the skin soft and fresh after cleansing.

  • Fanbo Acne Solution Face Toner | 110ml
    • The gentle formulation eliminates oil, makeup and impurities for clean and healthy skin.

  • Fanbo Acne Solution Moisturizer Gel | 40ml
    • Formulated with water based ingredients that make the product easy to absorb, it helps to restore the skin's moisture, refreshes and controls excess oil along with making the skin brighter.

  • Fanbo Acne Solution Acne Gel | 20g
    • Helps to treat acne prone skin and keeps skin clear and refreshed. It also reduces redness and swelling in 3 days as well as promoting natural healing without drying the skin.

  • Fanbo Acne Solution Loose Powder | 20g
    • A universal powder that eliminates the need for shade matching. It feels weightless, natural and velvety soft on the skin as well.

Now Fanbo is available at their Official Store on Shopee, Lazada and PG Mall,  so for more details about the Acne Solution range and their kit, you can visit them on their Official Website, Facebook and Instagram as well.

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