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Wake Up Your Spicy Instinct with Nongshim’s NEW SHIN Stir Fry Ramyun

Okay you guys, everyone’s favourite mouthwatering, flavorsome Korean noodles is introducing a new product offering of instant ramyun – creating a distinct spicy taste, SHIN Stir Fry Ramyun. For those who are not a big fan of soup- based delicacies, SHIN Stir Fry Ramyun is the ultimate ramyun for you that tantalizes your taste buds to the fullest! 
Presenting an authentic taste of Korea, SHIN Stir Fry Ramyun creates an intense flavour that packs a punch! Spicy with its distinctive mix of chili, green onion, and special seasoning oil, it aims to release an explosion in your mouth. This new addition to the SHIN family is specially filled with shitake mushrooms and fish cakes stamped with “辛” the iconic symbol of SHIN Ramyun.

The noodles are thick, smooth, and springy. Within minutes, you are bound to get a whiff of its authentic Korean spice drifting through the air. This quick to prepare spicy delight is perfect for any time of the day to accompany every little moment, especially when those late-night cravings hit. Nongshim occupies the biggest share of Korea’s instant noodle market and its brand leader SHIN Ramyun has sold more than 1 billion packets worldwide since its inception.

In celebration of its launch of stir-fry noodles, Nongshim will be having a themed interactive event in Sunway Pyramid’s Blue Concourse from 17 to 21 of August.

Awaken your competitive spirit and grab the opportunity to win Nongshim products and merchandise of SHIN Stir Fry Ramyun noodles along with other prizes. Simply take part in their exciting games and activities. Highlights of the session will include a virtual immersive tunnel experience and interactive games. With SHIN Ramyun, add little moments of excitement to your day.

With the Made in Korea logo, the spicy stir-fry noodle comes in a pack of five with dark red packaging and is halal-certified. Grab your Korean ramyun from super/hypermarkets and leading online stores such as Nongshim’s official online store on Lazada at For more information, visit or follow us for updates on

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