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Flex Every Angle | Samsung Z Flip4 Review

It has been a few months since we have used the Samsung Z Flip4, and we have to say that we have thoroughly enjoyed the user experience. First off, it is a very user friendly phone and it you are a content creator, this is the perfect phone for you due to the fact that you are able to Flex Every Angle that you can, and we mean that literally. 


  • Flex Mode | What It Is:
    • This feature allows the device to fold at various angle but also comes with special functions too. With this you can have access controls such as the phone's brightness and volume along with even a mouse pad feature that can come handy for certain apps! All this can be enabled in Advanced Settings.
  • Flex Cam | What It is:
    • This mode works with the camera and allows you to use the camera to snap pictures and record videos without using a tripod. It functions as a handheld video recorder whilst recording at different angles using the front and rear cameras as well.

Now flexibility is one of the prime features for the Samsung Z Flip4 and seeing that it can fit in your pocket, it is certainly something that you can take with you on the go and optimize every frame that you would want. You would be able to capture moments from diverse angles freely and what we personally enjoyed about it is that you would also be able to customise the type of angles you would like, such as from an easy ground level shot, an overhead one or even a high angle and even a fun selfie!

Additionally, if you would like to make short videos while being out and about, you can record your videos seamless with app integration and hands free recording; while editing them on the go. The versatility of the Samsung Flip4 even gives you a more integrated control over your video calling experience with supported partner apps too. Simply put, whilst on video call, the phone splits its screen so you can enjoy the app's settings in the lower panel completely handsfree, while the top gives you the flexibility of utilising the device's videos for the best kind of user experiences.

We have to say that after noting all of this, the Samsung Z Flip4 is really nice to use for socials, as nowadays vertical videos are now a thing. Its flexible mechanism allows for versatility for shoots and all in all it is a wonderful phone to have. So for more details for the Samsung Z Flip4, you can find it here for further information.

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